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This is Real Life

Create a place through shapes and shades
Build a blinding stage where beauty is made
But when your colors fade
Everything will change
I'm trying hard to imagine better
Daydream him, I'll wait forever
I'll pray that our paths blur together
It might not be true
But it's the best I can do
It's only to keep a little piece of you
Paint your world full of tones
Write the story so you know how it goes
But my heart's alone till he comes home
He'll make a decision, he'll have no choice
And I'll hold him close, he'll hear my voice
And I'll pray we're together forever
Take a deep breath, go for a walk
Wish you were here 'cause we've got to talk
I can't keep it inside
I have to shout it out loud
All of the things I couldn't live without
And I'm pouring my heart, and I'm spilling my soul
And I'm gasping for air 'cause he's giving it all
And he wants to wake up from the dream he's been in
And start it all over so we can repeat
Because faking it will make it better
Better than it was before
Lies could bring us close together
So I won't be lonely no more
Pretending it doesn't matter
Could help me pass the time
Make believe he'll hide forever
This is real life
It's time to see
While he's taking the steps and he's making a stand
He's pulling down walls and doing all that he can
He's through with black and white and drawing the lines
Between make believe and real life
This is real life
My real dreams and real love
Believe the things that you can't touch
This make believe is not enough
It's time to see the real life

  1. Oh say can you see

    I just sang the national anthem at a baseball game, A Dayton's Dragons game.
    You probly have Q's, i have A's:

    Q. It wasen't even a major league game! It was only an A game.

    A. That is not a question first of all, second of all it was still a big honnor, if you asked this question sounds like you're jelous.....

    Q.I bet you didn't sing lone did you? Ha! You sang with your school group, of like what 50 people?

    A. It was only ...

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  2. I'm holding a peice of history.

    I am holding a one dollor bill. You are saying right now, "How is a dollor a peice of history? Its not even one of the specaial ones, it was made maybe 7 yrs. ago, history, really?" But it is, you never know, it has probably been in the hands of 1000 people in its life time, maybe more. This is what I invision that happened with this dollor.
    The Dollor Story
    A girl donates a dollor to a homeless shelter, it has a line of red marker on it.She is really pationet about helping ...
  3. uuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmm........

    Last day of spring break but I am bored out of my mind. I'm so bored because I have nothing to do, so I blog away about really absulutely nothing. Well I guess while your here you could help me... How do you spell disaraer or disperae of the act of not bing there any more, I'm too lazy to google it so umm help? Also how bout Charecter or is it charectar not sure for same reason as above.
    Thanks in advance,
  4. And now for something completly different

  5. A blog in Italian

    I dare you to translate this from Italian to English, Triple dog dare you!

    Oggi è la Pasqua e noi morì uova e tutto il buon roba, ate metà del mio peso in d'ed è solo dieci! Rimane amore Pasqua. Se avete tradotto questo qualcosa di buono ciò avverrà nel prossimo ora! Non realmente. Arrivederci
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