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This is Real Life

I don't get it!

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by , 3rd November 2011 at 09:06 PM (194 Views)
I have never once been “in love.” Oh puppy love doesn’t count, I think several boys are cute but none mature. Anyway, last night I woke up in the middle of the night picked up my computer turned it on and started writing in the middle of the night I think around 2:00. I wrote a short fluffy thing that I didn’t feel was to terribly well written I sent it to my sister and in the morning she replies saying it was beautiful and made her cry. How? It isn’t even that good I wrote blindly about love not knowing what it really is.
This same thing happened when I was in 4th grade. I love poetry a lot and so I wanted to enter in a contest at our library the theme was “What is Love?” How was I supposed to know? Boys were icky back then; I came up with a few ideas but dismissed them. The night before the deadline I wake up around 12:00-ish and write a poem. Turn it in and find out I won first place. I showed it to a few people and they told me it changed the way they looked at love and their relationships. It makes absolutely no sense.
What is love? I answered that question four years ago, to me it is just a force that makes you always want to be with someone forever. I guess I answered it again last night. I put the story here if you want to read it. The line at the bottom is a line from a song that seemed to fit.

You Only Wish

“They say if you wish on a star, it comes true,” she said with a soft look in her hazel eyes, the dark night silhouetted the shine of her golden hair. She had bits of thistles and weeds stuck in her hair from rolling down the hill a few times like a child would on a warm spring day. To me she still looked beautiful in her short sleeveless sundress; she must have been freezing in the chilly evening air though.

“So unoriginal of you, it’s typical for a girl to say that while gazing at the stars with their boyfriend,” I muttered.

“What do you want me to say, they looks so prettay? The wishing thing is just so romantic I think it fits tonight, just play along, please?” she pleaded.

“Fine,” I cleared my throat and acted like this information was a new revelation to me, “Really? Maybe we should try wishing on one,” I laid on my back and pointed to a smallish one, “I wish for you to be happy forever.”

“Such a large wish for a small star, keeping me happy will take a combined effort from the both of you,” she laid down next to me making her dress damp from the wet grass.

“Your turn,” I slipped my hand into hers and began weaving our fingers together.

“I wish that we will never be lonely again, that we will always have each other,” She pointed to a large star next to mine, “That star will keep us together forever. And you said this wishing thing was silly.”

I chuckled, “I guess it’s not,” I didn’t tell her the “star” she was wishing on was actually the planet Venus, “But what could carry the best most perfect wish in the world better than an enormous planet?” I thought. I turned my head to toward hers seeing the content look on her face. I vowed to keep her happy; to fulfill my wish and also I’d fulfill hers.

Those young lover days were still far away but that star kept consoling I’d never be lonely again.~Ludo

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