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-Glory Blaze-

Glory Blaze's Scramblocke Challenge, Pt 1!

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Hey hey hey, it's Fat Albert time for Glory Blaze's Scramblocke Challenge!!!!!!
Here are the rules:
1.If a Pokemon faints, it's dead. I must return to the Scramble challenge thread to get Scrambled a replacement.
2.I may only use Pokemon that I have been Scrambled.
3. I must follow the restrictions on my Scrambled Pokemon or I lose.
4. If 12 Pokemon of mine die, I lose.
5. Just for kicks, I've thrown in a You Are This Trainer challenge: I am Harriet Tubman's sister. I'm anti-(HM) slavery, so I mustn't give any Pokemon of mine more than 2 HMs. Breaking this ruule also results in failure.
6. I must post a blog entry every 1-2 cities I visit.

Here are my Scrambled Pokemon:
Chimchar: Must keep Rock Smash until I fight the E4. No Evolution Restrictions
Bidoof: No HMs period. NER.
Starly: Only STAB move is Fly. Must be Staraptor b4 Pastoria Gym.

Safari Zone Pokemon: Psyduck/Golduck: No psychic attacks, NER
Azurill/Marill: Must keep Rollout (if it doesn't know it when you catch it, Move relearner), NER
Wooper/Quagsire: No Earthquake, NER
Bidoof/Bibarel: You've already been given a Bidoof as a challenge, so if you get either of these, you can skip it
Budew/Roselia: No poison moves, NER
Hoothoot/Noctowl: Must know at least one non damaging status move of your choice, NER
Skorupi: When it reaches level 39 Poison Fang must be its only poison move and it must also learn either Fire Fang, Ice Fang, or Thunder fang ASAP, NER
Croagunk: No Dark moves, NER
Carnivine: If you actually get unlucky enough to catch this, you don't have any limitations on it; I won't make you suffer any more.

ALSO, if you somehow manage to catch something that isn't listed here, then there are no limitations on it, it's my own fault for missing it out :P

Loppuny: must have Frustration and Dizzy Punch until you get to E4, NER.

Bronzor from Route 206: It must know Confusion, you can't teach it any other Psychic moves until it evolves, after which it must learn Rock Smash, NER(other than the RS bit)


I choose to be the girl to fit my Tubman status, and name myself Keri for no particular reason. Rowan forces me to touch his ball, and I name my Rival the default name, Lewis. I now enter the WORLD OF POKéMON! I watch TV in my room like the addict I am until my mother forces me to have a "playdate" with Lewis. Lewis drags me to the lake so we can stare at an old person. The old guy, who is the pedophile I met earlier, leaves his briefcase. Lewis and I open it and we find more balls. Two Starlys attack us so we fend them off by chucking Pedo-Balls at them. Rowans assistant Luke Skywalker snatches the Pedo-Case and leaves we follow him to the Pedo-Cave where Pedo-Man, impressed by our skills, gives us Pogeymanz if we do something for him. Creeped out, I snatch Diddy the male Chimchar and a Pokedex from him and flee. Lewis grabs Clark the Piplup and runs with me. Skywalker shows me around town and teaches me how to catch more Pogeymanz then tells me to visit my mother. Lewis's Mom comes in and gives me a package to deliver to Lewis and Clark.
I then get to leave on my adventure!!!!
I take my first steps onto Route 20 whatever and meet a Youngster who has a Starly that Diddy scratches to death. Diddy learns Ember. I beat up a Lass and steal Harriet Chubman the female Bidoof from her. I also beat up another annoying Youngster and toast his Shinx extra-crispy. I find Amelia the Starly in the grass and add her to Diddy's harem, then enter Jubilife City... Only to be stopped by Skywalker who yells at me for not having enough Pogeymanz. I bitch-slap him and tell him, "I'm taking the SCRAMBLOCKE CHALLENGE, BITCH!" He flees and I heal. This is where we leave off, folks!

Current Team:
Diddy the M Chimchar
Lv. 8

H. Chubman the F Bidoof
Lv. 2

Amelia the F Starly
Lv. 4

Well, there ya have it, folks! Glory Blaze, signing out!

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  1. Baron Dante's Avatar
    Oh god, I read this before. Or, kinda did. I just saw "Skywalker" at the end then and was like what the crap was that? I now read t again. Oh, it was referring to Lukas, and Luke and stuff. Too bad I used Luke Skywalker puns too xD Well, not directly but eh.

    ...heh, this will basically be even more extreme version of my run, just with different pokemon. Atleast your team won't totally suck.

    I mean, we both have Chimchar. It has basically 3 moves. Mine has Mach Punch instead (Not much better than Rock Smash) + Soloing Roark is a must. -.-

    Atleast you have a flyer.

    We both have a Lopunny. Expect mine will only evolve if it soloes Flint's Lopunny. :K

    I hope you get a Carnivine. :D
  2. -Glory Blaze-'s Avatar
    I hope you get a Carnivine. :D
    Eff you.
  3. -Glory Blaze-'s Avatar


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