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-Glory Blaze-

GBFSOWAJAJ : Super Short Pt. 2 of Sadness :(!

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by , 15th May 2011 at 05:56 PM (397 Views)
Hey hey hey, it's Fat Albert time for Glory Blaze's Scramblocke Challenge!!!!!!
Here are the rules:
1.If a Pokemon faints, it's dead. I must return to the Scramble challenge thread to get Scrambled a replacement.
2.I may only use Pokemon that I have been Scrambled.
3. I must follow the restrictions on my Scrambled Pokemon or I lose.
4. If 12 Pokemon of mine die, I lose.
5. Just for kicks, I've thrown in a You Are This Trainer challenge: I am Harriet Tubman's sister. I'm anti-(HM) slavery, so I mustn't give any Pokemon of mine more than 2 HMs. Breaking this ruule also results in failure.
6. I must post a blog entry every 1-2 cities I visit.

Here are my Scrambled Pokemon:
Chimchar: Must keep Rock Smash until I fight the E4. No Evolution Restrictions
Bidoof: No HMs period. NER.
Starly: Only STAB move is Fly. Must be Staraptor b4 Pastoria Gym.

Safari Zone Pokemon: Psyduck/Golduck: No psychic attacks, NER
Azurill/Marill: Must keep Rollout (if it doesn't know it when you catch it, Move relearner), NER
Wooper/Quagsire: No Earthquake, NER
Bidoof/Bibarel: You've already been given a Bidoof as a challenge, so if you get either of these, you can skip it
Budew/Roselia: No poison moves, NER
Hoothoot/Noctowl: Must know at least one non damaging status move of your choice, NER
Skorupi: When it reaches level 39 Poison Fang must be its only poison move and it must also learn either Fire Fang, Ice Fang, or Thunder fang ASAP, NER
Croagunk: No Dark moves, NER
Carnivine: If you actually get unlucky enough to catch this, you don't have any limitations on it; I won't make you suffer any more.

ALSO, if you somehow manage to catch something that isn't listed here, then there are no limitations on it, it's my own fault for missing it out :P

Loppuny: must have Frustration and Dizzy Punch until you get to E4, NER.

Bronzor from Route 206: It must know Confusion, you can't teach it any other Psychic moves until it evolves, after which it must learn Rock Smash, NER(other than the RS bit)


Last Time on GB's Fantabulous Scramblocke of Wonder and Joy and Joyness (GBFSOWAJAJ for short!)...

I start w/ Chimchar, catch my first 2 challenges, and reach Jubilife. Brief one-sentence summary is brief.


I stroll on over to the Trainer's School and Lewis is like, "LEARN W/ ME!" and I'm all just like, "LOL learning is 4 n00bz" and then Lewis was like "Oh no you di-int" and I was like "Parcel, BITCH!" and he's like "OMG Town Map! ADVENTURE TIME!" and leaves. so I beat up children and steal their TM while grinding Amelia and H. Chubman. We stroll outside and Rowan-n-disguise is like "POKETCH CAMPAIGN CLOWNS!" and then three pedo-clowns come and try to rape me so I steal an expensive-looking watch and hightail it out of there, but then a dick is all like "YOU MAY NOT ENTER THE WIZARD ALLIANCE BUILDING W/O SPARKLY SPARKLY SYMBOL OF WIZARDRY!" so I leave to get a sparkly sparkly symbol of wizardry that allows me to make rocks vanish into thin air. But then Lewis is like, "I'll slap you for calling me a n00b!" so Amelia bitch-slaps his starly w/ her new Hidden Wizard Power, so he sends out Clark. Then Diddy is like "MONKEY POWERS GO!" So Clark was like, "POUND! POUND! POUND!" And I was, "AAAAAAAAAAAHHHH MY EYES I CAN'T STAND THE RAPE" so Chubman comes and starts to finish Clark off but "LOL spam Growl" THEN CRITS, CRITS, ERRYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Whatahell was that? Didn't get anything from the 4th line below
  2. Baron Dante's Avatar
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    I made it to the 3rd last row before going "what?"


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