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by , 15th November 2012 at 01:28 PM (291 Views)
So a week ago I said I was gonna do things, and I didnt do much... I actually made a list on what I need to catch up with college stuff and as I do them *IF I ACTUALLY TRY* I will cross it off *If I can figure that out...*

1. Write 7-10 page essay for Politics (Due Dec. 5)
2. Study for ^
3. Write draft for First Year Compostition
3. Write 4 "wake-up call" essays for Music Appreciation
5. Write 3 page essay of a famous composer for ^
6. Do Test 3, 4, 5 online for ^
7. Memorize several musical pieces for ^
8. Study for Statistics

I actually know what I'm suppose to do for the classes but when they give homework I get really lazy...
My goal is do have done the majority of this after the Thanksgiving holidays...knowing myself I will dread trying to do this and it doesnt help that any little thing on the internet distracts me!
So good luck to me...

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