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  1. OH ARCEUS WHY?!?!

    So a week ago I said I was gonna do things, and I didnt do much... I actually made a list on what I need to catch up with college stuff and as I do them *IF I ACTUALLY TRY* I will cross it off *If I can figure that out...*

    1. Write 7-10 page essay for Politics (Due Dec. 5)
    2. Study for ^
    3. Write draft for First Year Compostition
    3. Write 4 "wake-up call" essays for Music Appreciation
    5. Write 3 page essay of a famous composer for ^
    6. ...
  2. Making a Group

    I looked around the social groups to see if there was a Hatoful Boyfriend club and I found none. So I decided:


    So I made the club and anybody can join if they want! If you want to know a little bit of the game, you can read my blog about it here. I will update the page whenever I can and pictures will go up soon! Thank you for your time!
  3. Aren't I HATOFUL?!?!

    EDIT: I made a Hatoful Boyfriend club in the Social Groups if anybody is interested! :)

    *For those who read my last blog I finished 1 out of the 6 essays that I said I would do. Isnt that just WONDERFUL?*

    Previously on my last blog I mentioned that something I discovered recently has had me behind on my classes for a while and I am now going to talk about it. It is called Hatoful Boyfrend.


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  4. Getting my stuff together

    Ah the weekend.

    The time where you say "Hey! Im gonna chill all day!" or "Hey! Im going to use the weekend to catch up with my homework that is due this week" Well I say the 2nd option alot and I just cant seem to get focused and try to do my homework. And it all thanks to one thing:


    Ah yes, the internet. While it maybe used as a wonderful source of many things, its also a HUGE distraction. ...
  5. First Blog EVARRR!!! :D

    So this is my first blog that im writing for the first time.

    I will try to write one often. I feel that I usually dont have much to say much in the forums and Im hoping that writing a couple of blogs will help me be sorta more active in the forums! So my epic *not really* quest to become an active blogger begins NOW! And questions are always welcome too!
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