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Working On Making My Fanfic: Possible Plot And Characters

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by , 20th January 2011 at 06:08 PM (263 Views)
ok as you can guess im probably working on a pokemon fanfiction. This is my very first one ever so plz dont be too harsh.

I dont have too much on it yet(and the things i need help with r probably the subject of one of the several threads i posted asking for suggestions: check my userpage if u wanna help.) But heres wat i have so far.

The base idea for this fanfic is how much i enjoyed digging for minerals in the Sinnoh underground on Pearl, and gathering rare stones and gems(items like stardust, fire stones, pearls,ect. if this blog gets some positive feedback ill try to post a list of those items) on my pokemon Emerald and FireRed. One day a few months ago, i wondered what it would be like if someone made a fanfic about a Pokemon Trainer who is like Steven Stone from Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald. For anyone who is reading this who also has no clue who Steven Stone is or what he is like, I'll be kind enough to tell you: he is a trainer who likes to gather rare stones as well as raise pokemon and take the pokemon league challenge (Hoenn league in this case). Most times when you encounter him in Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald he is in a cave of some sort, undoubtedly searching for rare stones again. As for his pokemon, they are mostly Steel Types as well as the evolved fossil pokemon from that game (Armaldo and Cradilly).

As for the plot i dont have much to post but if anyone has any suggestions or wants to help me with this fanfic plz tell me i will gladly accept the help with this.

ok now for the plot:
(this isnt a rly romance-centered fanfic i needed to go ahead and say this)

[also i havent rly thought of a good name for a main character im trying to think of one with references to a gemstone, but ruby sapphire and emerald are taken by the playable characters on pokemon Ruby Sapphire And Emerald. I have an idea for the beginning chapter of the plot but i cant make it or post it unless i can think of a good name for this. for now i guess ill refer to the main character as Jett, which is a black mineral used frequently in jewelry. if u have any other suggestions plz tell me. ok now back to the plot)

Jett is a 17 year old pokemon trainer who lives in Oreburg City, in the Sinnoh Region. He currently has 4 badges, from Roark(his role model and close friend), Gardenia, Maylene, and Crasher Wake, but he could not beat Fantasia any of the several times he attempted to do so. After his 6th loss to Fantasia, Jett decided to go back to his home in Sandgem Town to train and add to his team, which he is still in the process of doing. When Jett isnt training or battling, he usually is in a cave or the sinnoh underground searching for rare stones and minerals. And speaking of his team, its time that we meet the pokemon he has picked up along his journey so far.

Jett's Pokemon (with him right now)

Storm ( A Male Luxray)- Storm was Jett's very first pokemon. Even when he was just a Shinx, Jett could tell he had great potential. Storm has always been with Jett, and has never left his team once. Through their training, pokemon battles,and their gym battles, shinx became powerful enough to evolve into Luxio and later evolve again, this time into Luxray. He knows many powerful attacks, including Thunder Fang, Night Slash, Hyper Beam, Spark,Thunderbolt, Double Kick, Shock Wave, Crunch, and Thunder. His ability to see through walls is especially useful when Jett is underground looking for rare stones and gems to dig up, as he can look into the wall to see if anything, and if so, what is buried in the wall or ground in question. Storm has a serious personality, but he is proud to think of himself as Jett's companion.

Gem (Female Sableye)- Jett found Gem during his first visit to the Sinnoh underground. Like him, she was digging for gems in the area. After a few minutes of digging, Jett pulled out a large pale sphere that Gem desperately seemed to want. Jett noticed this and offered it to her. She was cautious at first, but soon saw that Jett meant no harm to her. She glagly took the pale sphere and happily began to eat it (if you look up sableye's pokedex entry from the hoenn video games, it should say that Sableye's favorite snack is gemstones) After a few more hours of digging, Jett decided that it was time to leave. When he reached a ladder to exit the Sinnoh underground, he felt something tug at his leg. He looked down and saw the same Sableye from earlier. "hey i remember you. whats up?" Jett asked the Darkness pokemon with a mixture of confusion and curiousness. Gem simply jumped onto his back and didnt wanna get off. Jett got the idea and asked the sableye "Do you wanna come with me?" The Darkness pokemon nodded repeatedly in response. Jett reached into his backpack and pulled out a Luxury Ball. He preferred to use these over normal poke balls under most circumstances. He gently threw the Luxury Ball at Sableye and the pokemon vanished into the ball in a flash of red light. Jett watched as the ball bumped once... twice.. a third time... before going motionless. Jett reached down and picked up the ball and tossed it in the air."Sableye, come on out!" The Darkness pokemon appeared in the same flash of red light and smiles as it looked up at its new trainer. "Do you want a nickname?," Jett asked the small pokemon. It nodded with the same happiness as when Jett had asked her if she wanted to join him. "Hmmmmm" Jett thought for a minute or two. "I've got it" Jett exclaimed. "How about Gem?" he asked. The pokemon responded by jumping onto his shoulder in happiness. "ok gem it is" Jett said as he climbed out of the Sinnoh underground.

Since then, Sableye has become an important member of Jett's team. While she may not be as powerful as Storm, she can still hold her own in battle, with moves like Shadow Ball, Toxic, Attract, Protect, Fake Out, Shadow Claw, Faint Attack, Shadow Sneak, And Zen Headbut.

Armor (Male Lairon) - Jett caught Armor as an Aaron near the Orreburg Mine. It was a normal pokemon battle and capture. Since Jett caught him , Armor has helped in many of Jetts battles, even evolving into Lairon. He now trains even harder as he can hardly wait for his final evolution into Aggron. Its moves include Dig, Iron Tail, Metal Burst, Rock Tomb, Protect, Metal Claw, Double Edge, Mud Slap, And Iron Head.

Well this is all that i have on it so far like i said if u wanna help go to my userpage and tell me or find my posts in the forums asking for help and post it there. plz tell me wat u think of wat i have gotten down so far but plz remember that this is my first time to work on making a fanfiction so please dont be too overly critical. i also am yet to think of a name for this fanfiction so i am open to suggestions for that as well. i have a first chapter almost ready to post. ill finish it and then post it after i hear how im doing so far in some reviews.

Thanks in advance

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    as soon as someone else comments, positive or negative, ill post the first chapter. but i need a review or a post


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