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Proof That I Need To Slow Down

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by , 4th June 2012 at 03:55 PM (218 Views)
I'm a member of Global PokedeX Plus, aka GPX, which, to be brief, is a pokemon-based site in which you try to meet various goals similar to those of the games,mainly filling the PokeDex by hatching pokemon from eggs and by adopting pokemon at the Shelter, where any pokemon a person releases goes in the site. There are a lot of achievements as well, and recently I've started aiming towards getting them, since some get you really good items. Anyways, since I've gotten a large amount of Level 100 pokemon from the Shelter (excluding ones I have set aside for battling, I think I'm on my fifth PC Box of them now, though there are a few pokemon that I have multiple of at Lvl 100), I decided to work at getting the badge achievements. Basically, for each badge achievement, you have to have the pokemon from the team of the Gym Leader in question (that they use in their debut game), and all of said pokemon have to be at Lvl 100. I'd already gotten the Cascade Badge and the Plain Badge achievements a while back, but other than that I have none of the Badges.

I decided to start by making a list of all the pokemon I need collectively for the achievements, and then I went through the battle teams and my PC Boxes to see what I had already.

...I really didn't have shit from that list. I decided to go to through the Shelter, and after a few pages I decided to start checking the Levels on everything, instead of just looking for rare pokemon that aren't usually in there.

In about an hour collectively, I found t a Voltorb,a Nosepass, two Mr Mime, a Scyther, a Koffing, an Onix, a Sawk, and a Torkoal, all at Level 100. I think that this is someone trying to tell me that I need to slow down XD

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