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Done with high school

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Two days ago was my prom and yesterday the after prom, so as of now I don't have anything else to do that is linked with high school. It's somewhat a scary thought that next year I won't be coming back and will start again in a new school, much bigger this time, although it's also nice to know that I'm leaving these younger students behind and that I won't have to deal with them for a while.

The prom and after prom were pretty cool. The highlights of both evening would be having fun with helium at the former and telling people that I loved them at the latter. I had a lot of fun at both, so I'm keeping good memories of my last moments of high school.

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  1. Karamazov's Avatar
    You're free now, buddy.
  2. DerMißingno's Avatar
    Congratskis bro! Glad you ended it on a good note!
  3. Soulmaster's Avatar
    Congrats on finishing up High School. Hope you have a good time moving on and glad you had a good time at the end of it :)


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