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damn it! out of ideas

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okay so this is a blog post to recap the stuff I've done over the past fortnight and for some advice from you guys.
okay, so I finished megaman starforce three black ace, it was http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dnAYgNnA5A0 the ending was touching, Don't die Geo, was my first thought, then comes, what do you mean that omega-Xis and Kelvin are gonna be stuck in space? After the Epilogue I was like Woo Kelvin and Omega come back YEAH, wait did omega just say that he could have died? HOw did I miss that?. anyway, restarted pokemon HG, team is still in the late twenties even though I'm up to Pyrce. Tell me how that works? Duuhh, spent two nights up late watching mythbusters. BLUE ICE! My brother suddenly got an urge to battle, since my platinum recently finished, I got my team to 100 and owned his team of= Lucario, Infernape, Staravia, Girratina, Palkia, and Dialga. my team, Lucario (died almost straight away uncannily) Torterra, Swampert, Charizard, Girratina, and Jirachi. The last two became walls against his team, Giratina, okay I can get but Jirachi? I'm not gonna question it.

And now for the advice I'm going to ask you guys for, currently in my fanfic, (forget the content!), I need ideas for the current school "arc" before I *spoiler alert* blow the school to smithereens. okay soI'm working on things here and there, specifically fixing the current chapters up now that I've gotten up off my lazy ass. This is where YOU come in, I need ideas for several scenes/scenarios i.e. what's gonna happen during the school period of the story, give me your ideas please! if the ideas require more than about 4-7 characters, please don't be afraid to add in your own ones to assist in the scenario. just a couple of things to remember, the characters are all at the age of primary school (years kindergarden-6) so try to keep things do able, for now.

If your scenarios require an OC, please fill out this format:

Name: (First) (Surname *)
physical appearance:



pokemon team: (max three pokemon)

Aura level*:

I would really apriciate it if people were to contribute to my story, I would give full credit where it's due.

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