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Lord Aizen

  1. has onyone tried this?

    has anyone tried sending a hacked pokemon to the DW?
  2. Updat/photos.

    As of other news.
    I am now... Returning to using the family computer.
    I went not even a month with my own laptop. ^_^

    Updated 27th November 2011 at 09:14 PM by Lord Aizen

  3. why?

    Can someone tell me why, you always have a bunch of guests viewing new sign ups on the roleplay section?
  4. so yeah..

    Today has been decided.
    my laptop, is far worse than i thought.
    yeah, i'm using a possible new laptop for me for now.
    aside from that, i turned in questions for my class.
    and have to keep my mind off of it cause it's causing me to think i did stuff wrong.
  5. Confession Meme.

    Here we go!

    1: I consider myself an Idiot.
    2: I have debates fun.
    3: I care about other things more than my own self.
    4: I find cuteness the most attracting.
    5: I rarely feel attraction.
    6: I hate stunfisk..
    7: I'd rather have a quiet peaceful life.
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