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Cakes, Maids, Witches, Battles.

Random ideas or questions from your truly me.

  1. In American spirit..

  2. Baaandddawaaggon: date a non gender person!


    So who would date me, reaper Canada loving non gender person?

    I'm not gonna get comments am I..
  3. Ampiomach Academy II- An Immortal LoL

    Quote Originally Posted by Ampiomodio View Post
    OOC I'm more interested in bass than the chair No perviness allowed.

    Darrius re entered his tower, and the rain started to clear.
    So this takes this week's cake for (to me) funniest post of the week.

    Remember, if you want to join in the fun sign ups are still open!
  4. is happy

    today, i was able to buy a copy of my favorite dj's new album!
  5. Name change.

    Name change!

    I like this one.
    I might even keep it for awhile.
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