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Ruby Nuzlocke Challenge - Update 3

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by , 11th January 2011 at 05:57 PM (201 Views)
I returned to Mauville and did the New Mauville side quest. Captured a Voltorb. Named him Berkeley. Next I headed across Route 118. No pokemon captured here.

Route 119 was annoying. Too many trainers, no where to heal. Encountered a Zigzagoon too, killed it. Castform got boxed.

Fortree gym wasn't tough. Berkeley, now an Electrode, took out almost everyone. The Leader's Altaria knows Earthquake, though. Berkeley shall be missed. Got a Kecleon, named him Arnauld. Route 120 and 121 also showed Zigzagoons. Killed them both out of rage. The Safari Zone gave me an Oddish. Named him Descartes. Got him up to a Vileplume easily.

Lilycove gave me Magikarp, Malebranch (after Malebranche, "e" didn't fit.) Surfing in Petalburg gave me a Wingull, desperately needed the ability to fly. @____@ He's Spinoza II.

Mt. Pyre supplied a Duskull named Kierkegard ('guaard' was too long)

Mossdeep and the surrounding areas supplied a Wailer and a Clamperl. Boxed.

I underestimated the gym in Mossdeep. I figured Liebnitz could take out both of them within two turns. They "avoided" Surf a couple times. Hobbes and Descartes were lost in the battle.

Now I was kind of upset. My pokemon are just barely at the level curve, and there is no good place to train. Powered through the Magma quests, used a repel in the Cave of Origin so I could catch Groudon. Sootopolis City Gym wasn't too tough. Wish I still had Descartes...

Magma areas gave me Hegel the Zubat, and Sootopolis gave Fichte the Gyarados.

Now I'm in Evergrande City. I'm going to stay in Victory road until everyone is a level that I'm satisfied with.

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