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Ruby Nuzlocke Challenge - Update 2

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by , 10th January 2011 at 07:46 PM (234 Views)
I fought my way up through Route 110, the rival was no problem.

I had grinded Nietzsche into Hariyama before taking on Wattson. We took the gym out pretty easily. I took out the trainers to the East and then headed west toward Verdanturf. On Route 117 I caught a Illumise who I forgot to name. I started up Route 111 to further the story line. Here, tragedy struck.

In the two pokemon battle with the news team, Spinoza was hit with a thunderbolt. Wingulls have a 4x weakness to electricity. Spinoza was done for.

Just ahead I caught a Numel whom I named Locke (after the Philosopher, not the Lost character.)

At this point I started level grinding as much as I could. Aristotle evolved, and Liebnitz and Locke were close. I left Illumise at the daycare with Cicero, a geodude I found, as I did some more of the story.

Did all the Magma stuff pretty easily.
Flannery was done in just a couple hits.

Along the way picked up Spinda, Kant. Nuzleaf, Thales. and Solrock, Occam.

Hume evolved and I took Shedinja with me rather than the Ninjask as I took on Norman.

Nietzsche took out everyone in the gym pretty easily. I took out the first two pokemon Norman had. I sent out Shedinja for the last Slaking, since he shouldn't have been able to hit him. Apparently the Bulbapedia article is wrong. The level 31 Slaking DOES know Faint Attack and killed my Shedinja. =/ Nietzsche avenged him quickly.

I've got some new routes I should be heading into, but first I'll do some more training. So far I've only lost Spinoza and Shedinja. Not bad if I say so myself.

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