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Ruby Nuzlocke Challenge - Update 1

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by , 9th January 2011 at 06:15 PM (291 Views)
The first pokemon I encountered was a Zigzagoon on route 101, whom I easily captured and named Hobbes.

At Route 103 I was lucky enough to get a Wingull. Even though I have a water pokemon already, I've always prefered Wingull over Tailow as a flying pokemon. Spinoza.

I level grinded these three and moved onto Route 102. I found another Zigzagoon and caught it. He was named Tzu.

Did all the Wally stuff, blahblah.

Route 104 showed another Zigzagoon. The forest did too. The grass just above the Flower Shop gave ANOTHER Zigzagoon. They were named Zhang, Zhi, and Wenzi. Although I wish I had gotten some variety, this group of Zigzagoons gave me way more super potions and ultraballs than I'll need for a while.

Rustboro gym wasn't a problem at all. Route 116 provided a Nincada, Hume. And I accidentally killed the Wishmur in Rusturf Tunnel.

Went to Dewford, Brawley was pretty easy too. Got a Makuhita in the Granite Cave, Nietzsche (I wanted to name him Machiavelli, but it was too long). I spent a lot of time here training.

Now I'm in Slateport, I zipped up to Route 110 and got a Gulpin, named Aristotle. Also evolved Hobbes here.

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  1. Rakarei's Avatar
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    Looks good so far. Good luck.
  2. Delphonso's Avatar
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    Thanks. I hope this group will last.


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