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  1. Ruby Nuzlocke Challenge - Update 4 - The Elite Four

    I got ready for the Elite Four and headed in.

    I wasn't confident, but I had a chance, and that's all I needed.

    The First of the Elite Four posed no trouble, I was able to take out his whole group without losing a pokemon. His specialty was Dark pokemon, I think.

    The Second of the Elite Four, the one with the Ice pokemon was terrible. I lost Nietzsche right away. And the final Walrein who knows Sheer Cold took out everyone except Fichte.

  2. Ruby Nuzlocke Challenge - Update 3

    I returned to Mauville and did the New Mauville side quest. Captured a Voltorb. Named him Berkeley. Next I headed across Route 118. No pokemon captured here.

    Route 119 was annoying. Too many trainers, no where to heal. Encountered a Zigzagoon too, killed it. Castform got boxed.

    Fortree gym wasn't tough. Berkeley, now an Electrode, took out almost everyone. The Leader's Altaria knows Earthquake, though. Berkeley shall be missed. Got a Kecleon, named him Arnauld. Route ...
  3. Ruby Nuzlocke Challenge - Update 2

    I fought my way up through Route 110, the rival was no problem.

    I had grinded Nietzsche into Hariyama before taking on Wattson. We took the gym out pretty easily. I took out the trainers to the East and then headed west toward Verdanturf. On Route 117 I caught a Illumise who I forgot to name. I started up Route 111 to further the story line. Here, tragedy struck.

    In the two pokemon battle with the news team, Spinoza was hit with a thunderbolt. Wingulls have a 4x weakness ...
  4. Ruby Nuzlocke Challenge - Update 1

    The first pokemon I encountered was a Zigzagoon on route 101, whom I easily captured and named Hobbes.

    At Route 103 I was lucky enough to get a Wingull. Even though I have a water pokemon already, I've always prefered Wingull over Tailow as a flying pokemon. Spinoza.

    I level grinded these three and moved onto Route 102. I found another Zigzagoon and caught it. He was named Tzu.

    Did all the Wally stuff, blahblah.

    Route 104 showed another ...
  5. Ruby Nuzlocke Challenge - Day One

    Second attempt at a Nuzlocke Challenge. I decided to go with Ruby. I know the trainers and the pokemon very well. Hopefully I'll make it through the whole thing.

    I'll take it easy with the rules this time. The nickname rule I implemented lost me two pokemon, and as I only had three (two in Mt. Moon) I think that those pokemon made a big difference.

    For the first time, I'll do a female character.

    Delphi ...
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