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Watching the Olympic Torch Relay Live

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by , 15th June 2012 at 11:26 AM (619 Views)
I was watching the Olympic Torch Relay live while writing this blog entry on the BBC Torch Relay page and on the official Olympic Torch Relay Video and Live Footage page which have addresses of and respectively. As I mentioned in a previous blog entry I will be carrying the Olympic Torch Relay in Pickering on Monday 18 June which is this Monday. On Thursday 7 June I recieved more exact details in a package with my Olympic Torchbearer Uniform, a letter and the Torchbearer Handbook. It has revealed that I will carry the Flame on Monday 18 June starting at 11:44am at Park Street near Pickering Station and finishing at Hungate A170 near Old Tannery Cottages. If you want to see me take part you can use the sites mentioned above at that time and users in different timezones should check my local time in my profile to see when in their timezones I will be running.

If you have seen my Twitter profile you will know that my real name is Max (or Maxwell) Strachan and my profile picture is a picture of me doing karate. I think the BBC Torch Relay page is better than the official one because it shows infomation of the Torchbearers as they start running. I'm now giving access to my facebook profile for some more detailed pictures of me although some of my profile can only be seen by people in my friends list.

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    Pretty cool. It's passing through my town tomorrow, though I'm not the carrier, of course.

    But I should be >.>


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