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My Second Signature Banner

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by , 27th April 2012 at 06:18 PM (324 Views)
A week ago I made a new signature banner which is the second banner I have used. I had used my previous banner for 4 months so I decided to change it. This is the image of the new banner:

The banner was made in GIMP 2 which is an application a lot like Photoshop which I downloaded because my trial on Photoshop CS4 has expired. It features Samurott and Dewgong because they are the 2 most recent water type Pokémon I've used in my parties with Samurott being in my White version party and Dewgong being in my Blue version party. I used the same text font and colour as in my previous banner because it is very similar to the way I write any text by hand. I'm suprised that in the last week nobody has guessed where the background of my new banner is from in the Banned Game, ^ The One Above or Rate the Signature Above You threads. I made the background in the new banner from a screenshot during the film Pokémon 4ever: Celebi: Voice of the Forest when Celebi is recovering in the lake.

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  1. Karamazov's Avatar
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    It looks really cool! :>
    Water Max likes this.
  2. Yato's Avatar
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    Looks cool with Samurott :D
    Water Max likes this.
  3. Kakuna Matata's Avatar
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    I would have guessed it was from the first movie. xD;


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