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My part in the Olympic Torch Relay and the afterparty

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On Monday 18 June I took part in the Olympic Torch Relay as a Torchbearer. I carried the torch in Pickering and is a town which I hadn't been in before Monday and therefore only 8 members of family and some of my mum's friends attended it live in Pickering. My friends watched it live on the internet because Pickering was too far away for them to travel to. I arrived in Pickering at 10:00 and about 4 groups of people had already noticed me and asked for a picture of me with them while I was walking to the Railway Station which was the starting point of my run. Inside the Railway Station there were more people waiting for the Pickering leg to start and asking for pictures of me and them. The other side of the railway track (platform 2) was less busy was where I obtained my Olympic Torch and the sticker of my Torchbearer number which was 50 which means that I was the 50th Torchbearer of the 31st day of the Olympic Torch Relay. While I was waiting for my part of the Relay to start I met 3 other Torchbearers who were also chosen to carry the torch in Pickering, one of which I was going to pass the Flame to later, and we had many interviews and photos taken by newspaper and TV channels. After about 15 minutes of interviews and photographing we were taken inside a private room where we told which parts we would be doing and what to do before and after the carrying. I was the first Torchbearer of Pickering and therefore stayed inside the train station while the 3 other Torchbearers were taken on a shuttle bus to their starting points. While waiting for the 49th Torchbearer there were more pictures taken of me and random people. At 11:30 the 49th Torchbearer arrived on a steam engine from Whitby to Pickering and when she stepped onto the platform to ignite my Torch many pictures were taken by news papers and channels. I then started walking with 4 members of staff behind me from inside the station onto a road where I was asked to stop, smile and wave for a few seconds while hundreds of people took photos and cheered for me and then I turned right and started jogging and waving at the same time until a dead end and then I was asked to slow down and turn left and eventually walk until I gave the Flame to the next Torchbearer and a key was inserted into my Torch so that it can't be lit again. I then boarded a shuttle bus while I waited for the other 3 Torchbearers to finish their runs and I waved at people through the window as I passed them. After the 4th Torchbearer boarded the bus we were then taken back to the train station. About 3500 people came to Pickering that day to watch the Olympic Torch Relay. We were then given our Torches to keep if we had paid £200 for them which I had. I the went to the closest pub to Pickering Train Station with my family where I was allowed to have anything for free and I had Braised Lamb Shanks. I was also asked for pictures taken of me, my Torch and the people asking in the pub and outside while walking back to the car park.

I later decided that I would wear my Torchbearer uniform and carry my Torch with me for the rest of the day and on Tuesday because my friends couldn't come to the event to see me with my uniform and torch. My first group of friends who saw me with my uniform and torch were people in my karate class and I went to a pub with them after the lesson as usual and some people of the university were suprised to see me with my torch and uniform already because the Olympic Torch Relay was coming to York the day after I did my part in the Relay. The next group of friends were people from my flat and lived in my block the year before in that evening and on Tuesday afternoon when I went to the big festival at finishing of Tuesday's Torch Relay in York. At the festival on Tuesday I had about 75 people coming to me asking for pictures of me, them and my torch and asking questions about why I was nominated, where did I run and some of them even recognised me from the papers released on that day. In the Lloyds TSB and Coca-Cola stands there were lines for sections where you could have a picture taken of you holding an Olympic Torch, well I didn't need to queue for that :P Also in the Coca-Cola stand there was a line for free Coca-Cola bottles and a line for playing a game to make your own music and get free plastic drums which was shorter so me and 2 of my friends took that queue and when we arrived at the front of the queue the member of staff said that there are only 2 headphones so one of us should leave the game but he thought I should definately play because of being a Torchbearer and we also asked for free Coca-Cola even though we hadn't lined up for it and he allowed it just for us because I was a Torchbearer. When the last Torchbearer of Tuesday came into York I saw that people were waving their plastic or cardboard torches and I decided to wave my real Olympic Torch XD While walking back home we heard someone selling plastic torches on offer for £1.50 and one of my friends shouted "we have a real one" and the seller replied "An Olympic Torch for £150" and he was just joking. I think my experience as an Torchbearer has been amazing :)

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  1. Rita Ora's Avatar
    Wait so you were the last person on your day in Carlisle.......woah, there's an amazing snapshot picture of you on the BBC Website. Won't post it here since you might not want people to know who you are but I'm guessing that's you. I can PM you the link.
  2. Soulmaster's Avatar
    Milking it for all it's worth? You're not the type of person I woulda expected to do that :P
    But seriously I'm glad you had a good time and am sad that I didn't get to see it(6am iirc is too early for me on a weekday).

    Quick pictures of you with the Torch and in your uniform
  3. Rita Ora's Avatar
    The torch is coming past my town next Monday around 9:20 to 10:30 AM.


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