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My holiday in London

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In the last week I've been online less than usual because I've been with my family in London and York. Coming from Durham my mum first drove me and my brother to York and stayed in my university room over night so that we could have cheaper tickets to London in the morning. My university room was big enough for all 3 because I have 2 single beds attached together and a sleeping bag with a camping mat. While we were in York my mum and brother saw in a theatre G.A. Rossini's Il Barbiere di Siviglia, based on Beaumarchais's play Le Barbier de Seville, and I did karate in the club from where the sensei (teachers) of my university's club came.

In the morning me and my mum went to London King Cross by train and my 17 year old brother went back to Durham. When we arrived we stored our luggage in the British Library lockers and then went to Leicester Square to try to get tickets to a musical called Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, based upon the book The String of Pearls, which we saw in the evening of that day. We then went to the Tate Modern and Tate Britian using our Tate membership for the exhibitions and member's room. Afterwards my mum went to Oxford Circus while I went to a two floor Forbidden Planet store to see if there was anything rare related to video games, anime or manga available inside and I found and purchased the Blu-ray and DVD double pack of Whisper of the Heart I also saw the DVD of Destiny Deoxys and Blu-ray 2 movie pack of 4ever and Heroes, as mentioned in the Bulbanews article which I published 44 days ago, but they were £19.99 and £24.99 respectively so I decided to look in HMV another day in the holiday. I then went to the British Library to pick up the luggage to take to the hotel after the play and went to the Benito's Hat Mexican restaurant in Oxford Circus with my mum. After the dinner we saw the play and went to the hotel which was a 3 months old Travelodge hotel in Stratford.

The next day we went to the National Portrait Gallery to see the Lucian Freud exhibition there. Then we went to a McDonald's in Picadilly Circus and I went to the HMV there and saw that the DVD of Destiny Deoxys and the Blu-ray 2 movie pack of 4ever and Heroes were £35 and £25 respectively so I decided to buy them in Forbidden Planet. We then went to the Courthauld gallery and saw artwork from my favourite movement which is Impressionism. We then ate dinner in an Indian restaurant in Brick Lane and I had Aloo Ghobi as a side, which is my favourite Indian vegetarian dish and Chicken Jalfrezi and Pilau Rice as my main meal. I then went to Forbidden Planet to quickly buy the DVD and Blu-ray then we saw the musical Thriller which is about Michael Jackson which has 5 main singers and includes many of his tracks, mostly shown in chronological order. In the play we were asked to stand up twice and do specific things which I liked.

On the third day we went to the Imperial War Museum for 3 hours and saw exhibitions about the First and Second World Wars and the Holocaust because it is mum's favourite museum in London. Then we had a 3 course meal in an Italian restaurant at the back of one of the corners of Leicester Square. Afterwards we went to the David Hockney exhibition in the Royal Academy of Arts.

On the last day we stored our luggage in the King Cross Left Luggage service room and went to the Wellcome Collection Museum and saw exhibitions about brains and medicine. Then I went to The Science Museum for 2 hours, which is my favourite museum, while my mum went to the Natural History Musuem. In the Science Museum I spent most of my time seeing the exhibition about the history of medicine and hospitals and the exhibition about Mathematics. We then ate dinner in a Brazillian Pub using a Groupon voucher and then went back to York from King's Cross and I noticed that there have been some big changes in it which are the departure boards and the Platform 9 3/4 trolley have moved and there have been many more shops and restaurants added. After arriving in York we went back to my room to pick up some things and then to Durham by car.

I also carried my 3DS and Pokéwalker with me throughout the holiday in London and on my Pokéwalker it says that I walked 24345, 24092, 30338, 20363 and 13530 steps in reverse order of the days making a total of 112668 steps walked in the holiday and 5337905 steps walked in the total time which I've had it (742 days) and in StreetPass Mii Plaza on my 3DS I StreetPassed 21 people with some of them being from Norway, United States (in the state of Califonia), Spain and Japan (in Tokyo) making my Plaza Population 482.

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