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My experience of the Pokémon Video Game National Championship UK Qualifier 2012

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by , 6th March 2012 at 10:04 PM (287 Views)
On Saturday I attended the Pokémon Video Game Championships 2012 UK National Qualifier. I went by train from York at 6am and arrived at the event in the NEC in Birmingham at 8:50am. I've previously attended the 2010 qualifier but this is the first time I was able to compete because there was still a queue when I arrived and in total there were 386 people competing which is less than the maximum of 450.

I lost in the first round but I made 2 out of 4 of my oppenent's Pokémon faint and all my Pokémon did manage to do some damage. I've also kept the battle video of it so that I can describe it. You could choose 4 out of your 6 Pokémon and you could see which Pokémon the opponent has. I will have the description of the battle in a spoiler because it is very long.

After the battle my friend who I was with for the rest of day arrived from being on a later train. My friend is called Emma and she only had Diamond version with her but she mainly came to the event to 3DS StreetPass, support me in my battles and to watch the qualifier battles on the TV screens. We then sat against a pillar of the hall and played StreetPass Mii Plaza getting a lot of street pass hits which allowed you to used a maximum of 10 each time and it said that there were more people as soon as they finished introducing themselves. I got an achievement of meeting Miis from 10 different regions although I had met Miis from different countries before the event.

Four boys came to us to battle which I accepted and I won against one of them then we did a battle for four players and I was in a team with the person who lost against me. My team eventually lost that battle. Then we finished battling an chose our own directions with me and Emma going to the shop where I bought a box of 4 Trading Card booster packs with a card and a figure of Reshiram called the Reshiram box.

We then had lunch at the pillar and I downloaded the Shiny Larvitar on my Black and White versions. Afterwards we watched the final match of Ruben and Ben in which Ruben won but he was disqualified 2 days after. Then I decided to search for people to ask if they had any console exclusive Pokémon on Pokédex 3D which were the Summer and Winter Deerling and Sawsbuck forms and Pansage and Simisage but I only managed to get something from 3 out of the many people I asked. The first person gave me Pansage, Simisage and Summer Deerling and after asking a lot of other people I eventually decided to take a break and entered the queue to the non-competition TV screen battling area with Emma waiting for me and still playing StreetPass Mii Plaza until she watched me battle. While I was in the queue I recognised that @Joshawott was in the group behind me from seeing his Twitter avatar. I saw that he was playing his 3DS and asked him if he had any Pokémon the Winter Deerling and Sawsbuck forms which he did and I gave him in exchange a Male Frillish and Summer Deerling. I then battled him but lost without defeating his Ludicolo or Hitmontop. @Joshawott Can you remember which Pokémon you were planning to use if I did defeat your first two Pokémon?

I then went to the shop again to buy a TCG Victini tin, a booster pack of Next Destinies and the starter decks of Legends Awakened Bombardment and Triumphant Royal Guard in an offer of 2 for £10. Summer Sawsbuck was then only Pokémon I needed and many of the Masters division had already left. I talked to a parent who had started playing Pokémon in Generation I with Yellow version and we connected Pokéwalkers but she didn't have a Summer Sawsbuck so I eventually gave up. I then went back to be Emma who had been watching the Junior and Senior battles and I continued playing StreetPass Mii Plaza but I saw that the 3DS had only recorded 18 Miis in the time I had been doing other things and guessed that you have to use the 10 Miis available before you can get more. We then watched the Junior and Senior final battles and Emma heard a group of 3 talking about Pokédex 3D and she asked if any of them had a Summer Sawsbuck, one of them did and gave it to me and because I now have every Pokémon available on Pokédex 3D I gave them their remaining ones. After watching the battles we had to leave for a booked train but first I decided to quickly give Joshawott the Summer Sawsbuck for helping me complete the Pokédex.

On the train back I opened my Trading Card boxes and found that the notable cards which I got are a Victini card in a booster pack in the Victini tin, therefore I got 2 Victini cards, a reverse holo Nidoking in the booster pack in the Royal Guard starter deck, therefore I got 3 Nidoking cards, a holographic Celebi card which was included in the DVD of Zoroark: Master of Illusions so I have 2 Celebi cards now, a Moltres Next Destinies card, a SuperRare Holographic print of Terrakion, both Dark and Steel types of the Pawniard line, the Klink line, 2 Deino and 2 Zweilous and the Sewaddle evolutionary line.

Overall I liked the event a lot because I got 2 Shiny Larvitar, I completed the Pokédex on Pokédex 3D, I bought about 250 Pokémon Trading Cards with many rare cards, StreetPassed about 80 people getting all the pink puzzle pieces and I enjoyed battling and talking to other very experienced people.

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  1. Ghetsis-Dennis's Avatar
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    I question your opponent's choice of giving Charizard Blast Burn, considering its major drawback like all hyper beam-like moves.
  2. Water Max's Avatar
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    I gave my Serperior and Empoleon Frenzy Plant and Hydro Cannon respectively but I agree that it shouldn't have been used by Charizard at that time against Galvantula. I would only use Frenzy Plant or Hydro Cannon if the opponent has a high HP percentage left and the starter's other moves aren't super effective against the opponent's Pokémon. My Serperior and Empoleon also had Grass Pledge and Water Pledge which means that their Hyper Beam like moves weren't limiting their STAB PP and accuracy very much unlike this Charizard which only had 10 PP of STAB and both of those moves have less than 100 accuracy.
    Updated 6th March 2012 at 11:10 PM by Water Max
  3. Joshawott's Avatar
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    So that's how you recognised me! Thanks again for helping my complete Pokédex 3D by the way.

    What were my back two Pokémon? If I used Hitmontop and Ludicolo first, I imagine my back two would have been Slowking and Dusclops.


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