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Weird Dream (XY Spoilers?)

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At first, the dream was told through old sepia-toned pictures. A cat and a bird, two fathers, were watching their daughter's graduation from every year of schooling imaginable. One looks nervous, but with each and every picture, he looks more and more happy. In the last pic, he somehow kisses his husband on the nose, despite having a beak that would spear and kill him.

Then, we cut to Mega Blastoise (male) and Mega Charizard (female), at their Charizard son's university graduation. Except suddenly, there's a test! Whoever wins gets something, I don't know. But a kid gets the first question wrong and loses. (To which the Mega parents say, "Zahuru(?) gets it wrong AGAIN!" and laugh.)

Then, the final questions. Charizard is a valedictorian and all-around gifted kid, but even he's nervous about what's to come. Mega Charizard shoots out a Flamethrower as a way of cheering her son on, to which regular Charizard returns. Mega Blastoise decides to join in, and fires his cannons. There's a great flash, and you can hear the Megas crying. I think Mega Blastoise accidentally killed or maimed his son?

Moral of the story: PokeParents got it wrong, and Charizard is actually good.
Also, everyone watch the series finale of Futurama.

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  1. Gafigglethorp's Avatar
    That was... Weird at best.
  2. Winterdaze's Avatar
    shit Zahuru, get it together
  3. Amazing Amy's Avatar
    Ye gods. Zahuru, hahahaha. Are you sure these aren't David Bowie lyrics? They sound like David Bowie lyrics.


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