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Weird dream

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by , 28th August 2012 at 09:37 AM (188 Views)
I had a Pokemon-related dream last night.

It was about me comparing blogs to an episode that apparently happened. The episode featured a Swanna held up in a warehouse, squawking and scaring away a summer Deerling. I said that, if your blog attacks people, don't expect to get any comments. The Swanna called the Deeling back, and told the Pokemon that he wanted Deerling to join him, because he was going to hit Hitler in the face with a Water Gun. The Deerling cheered, because it was scared of Hitler. It did a Bambi-like dance, flailing its limbs around wildly.

A man in a dark hat and trenchcoat waits outside the other side of the warehouse, trying to get Deerling back. Deerling says that he doesn't want to come back, and that the man couldn't just recall him because he never used PokeBalls. That's why his Rapidash, Nuzleaf and Stormtrooper Pokemon wouldn't be able to help him. So he just sort of wandered around and picked up litter until a teacher and her two students came over. Candace Flynn (from Phineas and Ferb) talked to the teacher about her new idea: something that will prepare all teachers for the students coming this fall.

Swanna never did shoot Hitler in the face. I think Hitler was a Grass type in the dream, anyway.
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    Best. Dream. Ever. I lol'd so hard.

    I'd love to have that sort of dream.
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