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Temporary Rule!

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Hello, Pokelovers!

With all the leaks and rumors flying around, us nerds with fancy name styles have decided to make the blogs friendlier for people who are trying to avoid spoilers.

Don't worry, no one is in trouble. We just ask that if you have spoilers for X and Y (stuff not officially revealed on the Pokemon XY website, such as the starter's final evos), please put them under spoiler tags or tag your blog title with "Spoilers." If you have art or fanart that counts as a spoiler and they can be seen at the top of your blog, they should be spoilered.

The rule is effective from now until release date, October 12th. Let's say it ends at 11am EST. We're pretty close to the release date now, but it's better to implement the rule now rather than never.

Note that spoilers don't work in the Recent Blogs header. Those who want to avoid spoilers are recommended to have the box hidden for the time being.

Edit: Comments themselves are exempt from spoilers if they're in a blog marked by spoilers. You should assume by the title of the blog or the entry's content that it should already run the risk of carrying spoilers.

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Updated 4th October 2013 at 11:00 PM by Karamazov



  1. venusboi79's Avatar
    Thanks for the clarification; I've wanted to post some musings on the spoilers I've seen, but was unsure of the appropriate protocol.


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