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Shiny Pansear (and team help?)

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I got him in Kestron's Friend Safari, while I was hunting for a shiny Talonflame and training Greninja for my metagame team. (Help me out with this? I have Ice Beam, Surf, and Mat Block. I need a fourth move.) I named him Dukkey, because his hair looks like poop.

Now I just need a shiny Panpour to complete the monkey trinity, though I'll need to have someone with a Panpour in their FS. Also someone with Noivern, because I want a shiny Noivern for my team.

Edit: Also, GW Talonflame or M-Charizard Y? And should I use Klefki?

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Updated 20th January 2014 at 11:44 PM by Karamazov



  1. Kimono Dragon's Avatar
    You're mighty welcome for the shiny :)
  2. WrappedSpin's Avatar
    While Mat Block is a great move, it is outclassed by Protect. If you plan on using it to make use of Protean then it could work at the right time. I suggest going with a standard set of ice beam, hydro pump/surf, Dark Pulse and U-turn. If you want to negate the electric weakness use Spikes instead of U-turn, which allow you to be immune to electric attacks and set up hazards at the same time.

    Gale Wings Talonflame is the most commonly used and most effective. Flame Body does not take effect if a pokemon uses stone edge or rock slide (These are the most common attacks used against Talonflame), so Gale Wings is the superior ability.

    I can't really say much about Mega Charizard Y or Klefki as I haven't used them much. good luck deciding. Hope I helped :)
  3. Karamazov's Avatar
    The reason I have Mat Block is because I want to have it on my doubles team, too, to help set up Azumarill.
  4. WrappedSpin's Avatar
    Okay, that makes sense. Is Azumarill the BellyJet set? If so that would wreak havoc, as long as the opponent doesn't status you.


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