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Pokemon Emerald: the Experience

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Prologue to adventure, in which we take the time to meet our hero and see her struggles.

Wow this is stupid and I should quit. But here's the first of two to be uploaded today. Enjoy it before I feel remorse and delete this garbage.

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  1. Zexy's Avatar
    LOL! I thought it was LP, not random captions! Yet, that's faster, and in your case funnier. Even though you said that you never had any sense of humor, whatever.

    Quote Originally Posted by Contrary
    No shit. What am I, deaf? I can see where we are.
    Deaf people don't hear. Blind people don't see. Don't worrym though, you will have to use Braille later on...

    EDIT: First of two? Come on, are you going to do it again?
    Also, you better not infraction us for posting more than three images!


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