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Pokemon Black: Unteractive Playthrough 19

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by , 30th March 2011 at 11:33 PM (925 Views)
"Alright, gang!" I said to my Pokemon. "Just sit back and watch Chloe decimate the Gym!"

Daisy, Leo, Bitch Tits, Smitty (who was guest starring on the extremely, extremely off chance that Chloe faints), and Ollie cheered Chloe on. Chloe was clearly embarrassed.

It's Just a Jolt to the Left

"And a step to the right," I sang as we entered the Gym.

I like how I forgot to color in those two zones near Daisy.

The Mistralton Gym has to be one of the funnest Gyms ever: you travel the Gym by being shot out of a cannon. There were two helmets left: one for me, and one for Daisy. Bitch Tits had nothing.

Too bad I used him to test out the cannons first.

But yeah, Chloe electrocuted everything in her sight. That reminded me: we couldn't have KFC anymore now that Ollie is on the team. He's peck out our eyes if we ate KFC.

Also, I slammed into a wall. Luckily, Bitch Tits absorbed the impact.

"You fried up all the birds in the Gym!" Skyla screamed as I reached her. "Prepare to pay!"


"U MAD, Skyla?" I asked her.

I got the Badge and returned Chloe to her Pokeball. Daisy, Bitch Tits and I took one last cannon ride back to the start of the Gym.

I landed atop Bitch Tits. He desperately protected his sunglasses.

I left the Gym. N confronted me, making for an awkward moment between us.

"Hello, Jack," N said. He was calmer than our last confrontation, but you could tell that he was holding back his anger. "They may say it is for understand one another better, but what Trainers really use battles for is to compete..."

Okay, he's right about that.

"And they hurt each other's Pokemon! Am I the only one who finds this terribly painful?"
I shrugged.
"Whatever...I'm going to talk to your Pokemon. I've been living with Pokemon since I was born, so it's easier for me to talk with them than people."
Side-bar: I agree with N here. Animals never judge you, and it's hard to screw up a conversation with them.
N went on, "Because Pokemon never tell lies."
And he's just being naive: I swear, this flock of Ducklett once laughed at me behind my back. I know they were talking about me behind my back, and they just looked at me curiously when I confronted them. It was just like the time Cheren and Bianca stabbed me in the leg.
"Hey, Oshawott," N said to Bitch Tits. "Would you tell me what kind of Trainer Jack is?"
Oshawott made cried that sounded like someone shoved a carpet in an air conditioner.
"OK, OK, got it," N said. "So Jack was born in Nuvema Town, lives with Mom-" N paused for a second "-and was given the Pokedex to start off a journey to see the world."
N looked at me and said, "The poor guy is in horrifyingly bad shape...Still, this Oshawott absolutely adores you for some reason. That's good!"
"I hate him."
"Ugh, you little...Fine, I can take him off your hands for you. He can recover in my nature reserve."
Bitch Tits gasped. His glasses slid off his nose and fell to the ground; Daisy picked them up and wore them.
I handed N Bitch Tits's Pokeball. "See ya, Bitch Tits," I said.
"What's his slave name?" N asked me angrily. "I know yo give your Pokemon slave names."
"Bitch Tits."
"Stop it, be serious...What's his slave name?"
"His name is Bitch Tits. And no givsies-backsies."
Bitch Tits started screeching at the top of his lungs. He pointed at me and started to cry. I took the chance to run out of there before N decided he might want to give him back. Also, to make sure B.T. couldn't follow me.


I spent a week in Mistralton City. Juniper had a funeral for her Patrat, and Cheren, Bianca and I were invited. Cheren didn't show, but Alder, Lenora, and Elesa did.
I talked to Lenora after the service, about Sgt. Cheeks. She said that Hawes had indeed been responsible for him, but she didn't know what Hawes did with him.
She told me that Hawes was in Iccirus City for three weeks for a seminar, and that I could reach him there. She also gave me a Moon Stone to thank me for getting back the skull.
"I will, thank you," I said to her.
"No problem!" Lenora said. "Hey, some of us Gym Leaders were going to McDonald's later tonight. You want to come?" "I'd rather not."
"Don't worry, I won't hit you this time."
"It's not that..."
"I won't pull another prank like last time either, promise. If not McDonald's, how about Burker King? KFC?"
Ollie popped out of his Pokeball and violently attacked her.

Alright, one more vote for you guys: who shall take up the sixth spot on the team?

Smitty, Logan, and Geist. Who should be on the team? Keep in mind that whatever they're offering can already be found on the team (Chloe's Flame Charge and Leo's possible Fire and Ice Fangs) or is not so useful (Dwebble's Stealth Rock.) [Lol, copypaste]

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    Bitch Tits needs to evolve!

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    LOL at N, reminds me of Patrick Star for some reason.

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    B.T. 's gonna kill ya
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    Logan! <333
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    BITCH TITS is now DITCHED TITS. Will he ever escape from N?

    I'm gonna go with Geist, all three of those Pokémon are pretty fun to use though.


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