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Pokemon Black: Unteractive Playthrough 17

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(You see, I spent about 8 hours working on a side-story about Hickey's struggle to choose between his friends and his dream of being involved with Pokemon Musicals. But I din't save the draft and the blog timed out or something...So here are some point-form notes:

Now back to the story!

Charged for battle!

Me vs. Hilda. She stole Bianca's Pokemon, now she was challanging me.
But Ollie had a different idea: he decided to violently attack her until she ran off. I got Bianca's Pokemon back, then sent them to Professor Juniper.

Now where was I again? Oh yeah, I had something to do.

I faced the web-covered entrance to Chargestone Cave. Uncle Clay had his Krokorok B.J. take it down. before Clay left, he gave my the TM for Bulldoze.

I met Bianca and Juniper inside. Juniper was researching something called Klink, and Bianca was acting as her bodyguard. Whether or not she had her Pokemon on her at the time, I dunno.

I don't like Juniper that much. I much prefer Fennel.

And speaking of an unusual kink. Or should I said unusual Klink?

He has a Gentle nature, often dozes off, and his ability is Plus. I named him Kip.

I also caught a female Joltik.

Her name is Elektra, she's got a Calm nature, the's good at taking hits, and her ability is Compoundeyes.

Juniper ran up to me and said that there was no data on Klink a hundred years ago. Therefore, they must have appeared a hundred years ago!

...I'm sorry, you call yourself a scientist? There are a few flaws with that.

This place sucked. I mean, really really sucked. You know who met me at this bridge? Three guys showed up. They had white hair, and wore all-black clothing that made them look like campy ninjas.
"...come." one of them said.
The three guided my past the bridge. Once we reached the other side, they told me that N was waiting for me.
"Hi, Cilan, Cress and Chili," I said to them.
They teleported away. Huh.


His name is Warton, and his ability is Iron Barbs.

What are the Shadow Triad supposed to be? Goths? Ninjas? Ninja goths? A troup of effeminate-


He is rocking that mustache.

-Then again, they also look like Mello from Death Note.

Team Plasma blocked the bath. I had to battle them. Chloe used Flame Charge on a Trubbish. Bad idea, because now the place smelled like burning garbage.

Stupid Ace Trainers. Girls, when you see me sneaking aroung, it means I don't want to battle you. >:(
Stupid bitches.

I saw floating sperm. It was called Tynamo and it was female.

FECK, another battle. Hey, she was a Drilbur! Too bad the girl with the Lilligant fainted Ollie. Unfortunately, Daisy Tail Sleps it twice, leaving it with a tiny sliver of HP. >.< Stupi bitch's zebra killed all my team except for Kip. Thank Arceus for Revives! Let's just bring Chloe back.


No, Chloe holds on with 1HP and wins the battle.

Yeah, it's official: she's on the team forever.

This place sucks.

I was lost for several hours (my clock was obviously wrong, claiming I was only lost for 42 minutes.) Finally, I found the exit.

And N.

"Many different values mix together, and the world becomes gray," N said. (Gray, as opposed to grey) "This is unforgivable! I will separate people, and black and white will become clearly distinct!"

Hey, you mentioned the game title! Good for you, little buddy. :)(

"Only then will Pokemon become perfect beings! Yes that is my dreeam!"

Oh Arceus, N smells. He smells like, you know, when someone has really bad B.O. and it's pretty obvious, but you don't want to point it out because you'd probably hurt their feelings? Like that, but he also smells like Darumaka droppings.

"Jack, do you have a dream of you own?"

Yes, I do. And out-of-playthrough srs talk: I am ashamed to admit my dream. But if you're wondering (and keep in mind I'm serious_:

N wants to battle.


Well, fuck.


MUUCH better.

Yeah, we won the hell out of this match. Least N gives out a lot of cash.

"Tsk! Why?" N whined. "Is it impossible for me to win while feeling bad about being a trainer?"
"YOUR MOM FEELS BAD," I said hilariously.
"Funny thing for you to say that," N said with a wicked sneer on his face.
"I bet your mom's a whiny bitch like you."
"I wouldn't talk about mother like that."
"Why, is she afraid I'll hurt your wussie feelings?"
"Shut up! I'm trying to build tension here."
"Speaking of tension, your mom and I-"
"We share the same mom."

My jaw dropped in surprise.
N went on, "Your mother used to assist my dad in a project for Team Plasma."
I couldn't believe what I was hearing.
"Together, they had peace and love. And then mother had to ruin our family by leaving us!"
N slammed his fists against a cave wall. After calming down, he went on, "And she had you, and I bet you had a perfectly normal life, with a caring mom and a loving dad."
I didn't see my dad a lot, but I was cared for. Just look at the plasma-screen in my room.
"You ruined everything for me, J...I just know it!"

Juniper and Bianca showed up, and N yelling about stuff. I wasn't listening to all that. I sat down and tried to process the information I had just learned: Mom was with Team Plasma. Mom was with N's dad. N is my half-brother.

I wonder what the Shadow Triad are?

Anywhoo, guys, sorry for the lack of pictures.

Here's a little run-down:

These guys are going to be on the team for the whole game. Any other Pokemon I've captured during this playthrough can be placed on or off my team with a vote.

These are some notable Pokemon in my PC. Think any of these guys should be on the team?

Also, Leo knows Roar. And he's fast. Smitty the Dwebble knows Stealth Rock. I have Smitty set up Stealth Rock, then have Leo roar the enemy constantly so S.R. hits them? What do you think? Good strategy? Bad?

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  1. farewell, friend's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Grammatical error
    "Funny thing for you to say that," N said with a wicked sneer on his face."
    You used three quotation marks but you only needed two. Can't you see?
  2. Karamazov's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by farewell, friend
    You used three quotation marks but you only needed two. Can't you see?
    Thank you. Fixed.
  3. Owain's Avatar
    Use the Ice Cream!

    maybe swap it for Misty
  4. Kars's Avatar
    i knew it


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