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Pokemon Black: Unteractive Playthrough 10

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by , 25th March 2011 at 08:35 AM (1312 Views)
Skyarrow Bridge, FUCK YEAH!

I started running down the bridge before I collapsed in front of a lass.
"So much walking!"
I rolled on th ground and threw up.

Bridging the Gap
Guest starring: GoldeenTail as Hilda

Hilda GoldeenTail walked up to me and helped me up.
"Fucking walking, man," she said.

So we started walking down Skyarrow Bridge. Since this bridge was for pedestrians only (and all vehicles were on the road below) we couldn't hitchhike our problems away.

They found out bodies several days later.

"I'm trying to find the exact centerpoint of the bridge," an ace trainer told us.
Hilda nudged me and whispered, "You know what would be funny? If we hurl him off the bridge."

And it would have been funny.

Finally we make it to Castelia. A scientist (probably an ally of Hawes) gave my a Fire Stone.

Alright, time to explore! Hilda took to the buildings and shops, while I took to the streets. I was hunting Burgh; once I defeated him, I would be able to cure the residents of hipsterphilia.

I stopped at a place called Cafe Sonata. I was given a Lemonade, which was nice. They wouldn't let me have a jagermeister, though...

Also, I battled a janitor. Aw, he had a cute little Minccino. :3 Dan Hibiki kicked her until she couldn't move. And yay, we got EXP. Share!

I finally located Burgh's Gym. Sharon comes out (of the Gym), telling me how he beat Burgh. He leaves.
Then Burgh shows up and is all, "You're the kid who stopped Team Plasma in Pinwheel Forest! What was your name...? Oh yeah, Jack!"

Silly hipster, pretending to be nonchalant.

So we had to chase Team Plasma out of Castelia. Why is Burgh against his fellow hipsters?
In his own words, "They're posers - I was hip and happening and being a cool non-conformist long before they showed up!"

I followed him to the pier - Hickey I held in my arms, just in case I needed him to Incinerate Burgh should he go out of control and talk about an underground band I never heard of.

We met up with Bianca and Iris, a girl of non-descript race.

"Munny was stolen!" Iris declared.
Bianca sobbed and told us about how Team Plasma stole her Munna, and how Iris was acting as her bodyguard.

Wait, why doesn't Team Plasma catch a Munna? Sure, they're not easy to find (especially one with the right nature) and not the best at battling, but at least it's legal.

So Burgh and I somehow locate Team Plasma (who are conveniently close to the Gym, WTF) and I wail on them.

We encountered two Plasma Sages and some Grunts inside the building. Ghetsis joined them, Bianca's Munna in tow.

"The truth is," Ghetsis said as I started paying attention. "The black dragon appeared before the hero who sought the ideal way to knit together a world full of warring people."

Wait, did he say "earring," or "warring?"

BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH. He then gave Bianca her Munna back. Problem solved!

The elevator behind them opened up to reveal Hilda and her Swoobat. She ordered it to attack.
"Yes, Harps," she cackled. "Feast on their blood!"

Us good guys (and Burgh), barring Hilda, ran out of the building.
"That was exciting!" Burgh said to me.

"Such a wonderful, heart-pumping experience! Allow me to paint a wonderful battle with you in my Gym!"

Oh Arceus, sparkles. Don't tell me he's also a Twilight fan?

"Go ahead, Hickey. Incinerate!"

Next time: "Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Display Your New Technique!"

And since it's Friday, we'll do something special: instead of getting rid of a team mate, we'll get rid of brain cells.

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  1. War's Avatar
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    I was expecting more Iris jokes!
  2. Karamazov's Avatar
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    I get the feeling that I haven't seen the last of Iris.
  3. War's Avatar
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    Me too!

    Ugh, my brain cells.
  4. Mitsuru's Avatar
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    Bitch Tits = Rebecca Black.
  5. GoldeenTail's Avatar
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    "Hilda GoldeenTail"

    So realistic.


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