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Might submit a fanfic to the WW

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But tell me if it's a good idea, guys?

The story is about a boy named Jira Desire, a human descendant of Jirachi. At first the story follows his journey in Sinnoh, where he gets a shiny Starly as his starter. (Because it has 'star' in its name, and shiny because stars shine.) After Barry gets jealous of it, he tries to steal it and does. But then it's revealed to be a gift from Jirachi to Jira, so it goes back to him.

Jira's goal is then to catch the 5 other Pokemon blessed by Jirachi, all while battling Teams Neo Magma and Neo Aqua, and later, Barry's own evil team, Ventus, who will revive the fallen Rayquaza from its prison under the sea, and destroy Jira for his Pokemon. All this on top of a Badge Quest and a Contest Quest, and dealing with the horrifying truth that he's a half-breed Pokemon/Human, how can Jira manage?

Jira is special in that he doesn't throw his PokeBalls. With the sword he carries on his back, he unsheathes it and throws Pokeballs. He can also use his sword to fight along his Pokemon. He's a good strategist because he inherited some of Jirachi's psychic powers, and it allows him to be really good at the games at the Game Corner. When he activates these mild powers, one eye turns blue like the eye on Jirachi's chest. He doesn't have all the power, so only one eye changes color.

His companions are Aeriya, a girl with a Milotic and a Pidgeot who comes from America. At first she's distant and shy, but she's really a strong trainer and has all the Badges. She follows Jira because he's the only boy she's ever crushed on. The other companion is a boy named Carmichael, a child prodigy and former League winner, who follows Jira because he sees potential in him. He has a Camerupt, an Excadrill, a newly captured Jigglypuff, a Golbat, a Raichu, and a Graveler. He later gives his Pikachu and Excadrill to Jira when he gets all 8 Badges.

Later we find out that Cynthia is Jira's half-sister, and also Jirachi's descendant. As with all descendants, they are destined for greatness. But is she all that innocent? Or is she being controlled by Barry?

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  1. Tophat Dragoneye's Avatar
    You know what, it sounds like an interesting story and it doesn't hurt to try posting it in the Writer's Workshop. Why not post it in the "general writing question" thread for people's opinions about it? You can find it under the Writer's Block.
  2. Soulmaster's Avatar
    As long as it is better than "It's a Mistycal Life" I'm all for it.
  3. Zeb's Avatar
    If you like the idea enough (to want to stick at it--generally where I fail with my fics) I think you should go for it.


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