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by , 31st May 2012 at 09:04 AM (441 Views)

I'm surprised there wasn't already a social group to discuss the paranatural, or at the very least, ghosts. (Not Ghost. He already has a fanclub. And I'm already a member of that one. :3)
So, to cement my position as the creepy kid on Bulba, voila.

(I just used 'paranormal, supernatural, etc.' as an umbrella thing, since I'm not going to write out everything needed.)

On a related note, I might be going on a ghost tour out of town. I just want to get my sister and her fiancee on board, since I don't want to go with just my parents.

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  1. Ebail's Avatar
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    Ahh, ghosts huh? Reminds me of an old story I once heard.

    I'm sure you'll be able to convince them to go, somehow. Can't blame you for wanting to have others go along with you besides your parents. Never been on a ghost tour myself, but they seem interesting.
  2. TheMissingno.'s Avatar
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    I would join it, but I'd have nothing to contribute.
  3. Meron's Avatar
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    ... *goes to get the salt*
  4. Mijzelffan's Avatar
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    I'm not joining it, because personally I think there's a reason the words paranormal and paranoid look so similar ;P
  5. Steelrush's Avatar
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    I'm in, I've always wanted to know more about this stuff.



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