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  1. BW2 confirms Giovanni's death

    Y'all know the theory that Giovanni committed suicide in HeartGold/SoulSilver, after losing to your PC? Well, it's true. And BW2 will confirm this.

    But how, you ask this? He's supposedly going to return. Simple: he's going to be a ghost, following the Kanto Gym Leaders to Unova so he can warn people about upcoming dangers. Or he's a guardian angel-esque figure. OR he's actually James's Yamask.

    The last one is my favorite theory. My logic is impeccable. Nothing is wrong ...
  2. Blog-tan

    I was thinking, since 4Chan's boards have anthropomorphic personifications. (For example, their paranormal board's human personification is this.)

    What if we had humanized versions of our sections? (Blogs, Anime, etc.) What would they look like?

    My idea for the anime section: A girl with bow tie (for Cilan's fans), with Iris's pigtails (for Iris's fans) held up with Misty's scrunchies (because Misty will always be a topic in the anime) topped off with Ash's hat.
  3. The Arceus Blog

    Well, this is blog number 493 for me. I wanted to blog about Arceus, but I have nothing to say about it, other than Arceus being a personal favorite of mine.

    So, I'll use this blog to ask you guys something. Which of these gifs should be my avatar in two weeks? (I can't change it this week because it's Boob Week. And the week after is Sexy Man Week for me.)

  4. ...Whatever

    Fine. This is the blog where I ask you your opinion of me.

    N-not that I care or anything. I'm just b-bored. Baka.
  5. Movie Ideas

    I was thinking of some Pokemon-related movies. You know, something other than Ash and co.'s mundane movie adventures. Tell me what you think of these ideas.

    Mareep & Me
    To see if he and his wife are ready to start a family, a journalist decides to get a baby Mareep as a pet. But without any Badges, and with a neurotic and weird Pokemon, life becomes more hectic than he can handle!

    Under the Seadra
    A mermaid (half-human, half-Vaporeon) girl wants to live on ...