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  1. Pokemon Black: Unteractive Playthrough 15

    Sharon and I followed the workers and Team Plasma back to Clay's Gym.

    Clay was outside the Gym, talking to Ghetsis. Hilda was beside Clay.

    (Picture by GoldeenTail)

    "WELL HEY THERE, JACK!!" she said to me. "HOW THE FUCK ARE YOU?"
    "Pretty good," I said nervously. This was the first time I'd seen her since Nimbasa.
    "It's good to see you again, Hilda," Cheren said to her stiffly. ...
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  2. Pokemon Black: Unteractive Playthrough 14

    Just playing through...


    I was battling Sharon. I was hoping to burn his Servine like he did my house that time, but Servine took Hickey and Chloe down.

    But ...
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  3. Pokemon Black: Unteractive Playthrough 13.5

    Ugh, my head! My stomach!

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  4. Pokemon Black: Unteractive Playthrough 13

    Sharon, Hilda and I met up with Juniper just outside Nimbasa. She gaves us all Ultra Balls, then started blathering on about something.

    When I entered the city, two Plasma Grunts attacked. This time, neither of them were hipsters.

    Also, I got a bike, dressed Hickey up for a Musical, and caught a Minccino named Daisy.

    Her name is Daisy, she has a Hardy nature, she's proud of her ...
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  5. Pokemon Black: Unteractive Playthrough 12

    "Hilda, are you sure you know where we're going? Cheren said-"
    "I fucking know where we're going, kay?!" Hilda said confidentally. "We'll be in Nimbasa City in no time."
    "I wonder what Professor Juniper wants to give me?"
    "I hope it's food - that Oshawott thing looks hungry. It's been following us for a while.

    Updated 26th March 2011 at 04:23 PM by Karamazov

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