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  1. I Feel Sick

    Who would have thought spending two day eting nothing but junk food would yield unpleasant consequences?

    I can't stay home from school, since I have a very important test in my second period class. I think I just might go to that class, then sign out for the rest of the day.
  2. Fool's Gold: Part 5

    I spent the night waiting for Falkner.
    When morning rolled around and he hadn't announced his love for me, I ran inside.
    "Falker isn't accepting challenges right now," the man said. "Why don't you train in Sprout Tower until he's ready?"

    That's it! He must be preparing for our date, and wanted some time. Or maybe he was waiting for me in Sprout Tower...!

    I tore through ...

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  3. Fool's Gold: Part 4

    I climbed a ladder up. After a while, I started to believe that I was climbing up towards a dead end. There was no light at the end of the tunnel.

    What was that? I think I see something... It's an exit!


    "I see!" the officer said. "So Ginger is her name?"
    "Yes," I said.
    "Thanks for helping my investigation! My next assignment is to search for this red haired-individual."
    The officer left the lab.
    "Lindy!" Ethan exclaimed. ...
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  4. Cuuuute

    My dog was resting on my bed. She woke up and rolled over, so I started rubbing her belly.

    She was so happy that she started to move her feet as if she were tap-dancing. At one point she started moving one of her arms around, then nibbled my nose. I was going to take a picture, but someone was walking around in the hallway, and she jumped up and went to see who was was nearby.

    Right now she's sitting by my feet.
  5. Fool's Gold: Part 3

    I reached Cherrygrove City before I forgot what I was doing. Then I remembered: I was going to New Bark Town to get some Pokemon clothes for Capone.

    As I was walking home, that ginger kid showed up.
    "..." she said. "You got a Pokemon from the Lab. What a waste."
    "You're not being very nice," I said meekly.

    "That's a Pokemon that's too good for a wimp like you."

    "Yeah, ...
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