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  1. I can't win

    One time I left my dad's house and went to my mom's. My mom thought I left because something bad happened there.

    No. I just missed her.

    Next week, I ask if I could stay at my dad's a little longer, because I was having fun. She took it to mean that I don't have fun at her place.

    No. I just wanted to stay longer because I was having fun. We were having a barbecue.

    I asked her if she could pick me up today, and now she's all pissy. "Nahh, ...
  2. The bookstore

    I went to the book store about an hour before I went to see Harry Potter. I immediately wandered away from my step-mom and sister. I did notice my sister trying to keep up with me, but I was just too focused on all the books.

    I didn't get anything from the book store, sadly. :U I noticed that -aside from volume 1- the store didn't have any odd numbered issues of The Walking Dead. They also didn't have volume 2, sadly.

    Also, there was an author there for a book signing. ...
  3. A Pokepasta

    Parodying the "THEN WHO WAS PHONE?" creepypasta.


    Updated 16th July 2011 at 11:44 PM by Karamazov

  4. I got Scribblenauts and LoZ: Spirit Tracks!

    They suck, I'm returning them tomorrow.
  5. Fool's Gold: Part 40

    ----Sabrina's Gym, Saffron City

    "Come back to get your ass handed to you, I see," Sabrina said.
    "Still an ungodly bee-otch, I see," I responded, totally like a boss.
    "If I win, you leave Kanto."
    "If I win...."
    "I never thought of anything. Uh...You quit being a Gym Leader?"
    "Sure, whatever."


    Updated 14th July 2011 at 10:55 AM by Karamazov

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