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  1. Shiny

    Meet Barkley, the Hardy Beartic. And with him, I now have a box of 30 filled with shinies, plus my lucky charm, my special shiny buddy who I always carry with me.
  2. I got a shiny

    She's a Pupitar, adamant nature. I haven't checked her IVs, but her name's Tyrant Banks. I got her in LightningKimba's Friend Safari.

    Also, my FC is 1263 6435 3487, if anyone wants to add me.
  3. My XY shinies

    Or "XY-nies," if you will. Since people are doing this, why not me? Unfortunately, half the fun of it is taking pictures of them - and my Blackberry is shit in a hat, so that's a no-go.

  4. Oh yeah, my Bulbaversary

    My 3rd Bulbaversary was a few days ago. I was going to make a blog, but eh. In reflection of this year: it sucked, but some cool stuff happened. 2012 was so much better -even numbered years rule.

    So to celebrate, free shinies! Yep, you can give me free shinies.

    Stay ballin'

  5. Biography of Champions 2

    The team's finished, and they took to the fields of battle today. You can see it here: BS4W-WWWW-WWW4-62MK

    Hey @Fennel;, you wanna know how baby Ruri did? He took out two Pokemon by himself! Azumarill, using that old strategy we've come to know in recent months, defeated Delphox and Mega Blastoise. He fell to Xerneas, but got a sweet critical on it. He was also 3 levels behind everyone, oops.

    Death Metal took Xerneas down. I mega evolved him because ...
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