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  1. Going Platinum: Part 3

    Tiger vs Skankle!

    Hi. It's me. Cosmo. I'm going to be narrating today because Tiger is busy eating some pizza.

    So, uh, where were we? Skankle challenged us to a battle, right?

    Game Updates
  2. Update on my mom

    I mentioned in earlier blogs entries that she's been ill. She recently went to the hospital to get brain scans. There was some worry of her having interntal bleeding, due to her strong headaches.

    Turns out she was just having a bunch of headaches. Regular ol' headaches. What a relief!

    Also, three girls are crushing on me. I think it's because of my chocolate-scented cologne. Because chocolate.
  3. Going Platinum: Part 2

    Once again, this part's art was drawn by Croag. Thanks, Croag. :) I lost the game.

    I slept at the Pokémon Center that night. And with that, I bought some Pokeballs and started my Pokémon jour...Yeah, I got bored and went home.


    On my way home, I found a Bidoof and caught her, since it seemed like it would make a cute pet. Her name is Lurleen, she has a Relaxed nature, and has good perserverance.

    I spent the morning at home, eating ...
  4. Well, okay then

    Sorry about my scheduling drama recently. But I should have everything worked out by now.

    So I have a spare int he afternoon, so I spent it reading and playing vidya games. During my spare, a little ninth grader asks me why I'm not in class, and what game I'm playing. I tell him it's Pokemon,a nd he calls me a geek. I stick my middle finger up at him, and he stops anyone who passes by so he can tell them. Everyone ignores him (except for one person, who just says "okay" and pushes ...
  5. Seriously, what da fack

    I'm really sorry, guys.

    My mom is better, I'm better, and I ave easy classes with not a lot of homework. I decided to take a break from writing to fill up my schedule.

    Unfortunately, I forgot I joined the student council. So I'll have more free time than I've had in the past few days, but not as much as I've had in the past.

    I want to make a special apology to @winstein. I've been leaving you high and dry, and I'm really sorry. ...