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Ill-Met by White: A White 2 Playthrough

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by , 10th October 2012 at 07:06 PM (1265 Views)
Hello there! Welcome to the world of Pokémon!

That's right! This world is widely inhabited by mysterious creatures called Pokemon! Pokemon have mysterious powers. They come in many shapes and live in many different places.

We humans live happily with Pokemon! (Aside from that one time when we all then to war with them to conquer Ransei.) Living and working together, we complement each other. We help each other out to accomplish difficult tasks. Having Pokemon battle one another is particularly popular, and it deepens the bond between people and Pokemon.

But first, what is your name?

Your name is Turtle.
You enjoy video games and burning things. You hope to curb your latter habit.

But you won't be starting your journey alone; your childhood friend is here to help!

This is Hugh Damian.
He enjoys revenge and cats.

Today is the day you start your journey. What will you encounter on your journey through the Unova Region? Who will be your friends, and who will become your enemies? Take courage, and leap into the world of Pokemon!

Turtle, you wake up in your room. Despite your best efforts, your DS and DSi XL refuse to connect. You are unable to access Challenge Mode. You hear your mother call you from the living room.

What shall you do?

>Go on the Computer
>Go to the Kitchen Because Mom's Calling You

a) Go on the Computer?

b) Sleep

c) Go downstairs

Some people say you look a lot like your mother. You don't see the resemblance.

You meet your mother, Rowena, in the open-concept kitchen/living room. (Open because there was only two rooms in the house, outside the washroom. And your mother let you have one as a bedroom.) Despite your lack of money, you are able to afford a Wii. Naturally, no one actually plays with it anymore, so it just gathers dust.

Mom: Do you know Professor Juniper? She's a famous Pokemon researcher. Actually, she's an old friend of mine, and she called me today for the first time in ages!

Who? Wait, isn't she the chick you always bad-mouth?

Mom: This is out of the blue, but, Turtle! Do you want to have a Pokemon?




Outside, you meet Damian and his little sister. After explaining your situation, Damian's sister tells you to take care of your future Pokemon. After a dirty look from her brother, she wanders off. Damian decides to accompany you to Bianca. He advises you to head to Aspertia City's look-out to get an aerial view of the city. Maybe you can find her then.

When you get to the look-out, you find a girl in a green hat.

Bianca: You must be Turtle! I've been waiting for you!

Bianca holds up a coffee canister. It opens up to reveal three PokeBalls.

Bianca: Tah-dah! One of these three will be your first Pokemon!

Snivy, Tepig, and Oshawott

You think about Snivy, a Grass-type: it's calm, cool, and collected. Maybe it could help you ground yourself to reality and social norms. Then again, Grass is weak to Fire, and you can't have it get hurt in case you fall off the pyromania wagon. You'll have to think about this. Are you ready for a Grass type?

Tepig seems like a nice choice. By far, it's the cutest of the three. But having a Fire-type seems like the worst choice for a recovering pyro. You decide against Tepig, too.

Osahwott, the third choice, was butt-fucking-ugly. But as a Water-type, it could help discourage your fire-based tendencies. It would also be a plus to have a portable fire extinguisher around.

You decide to go with Oshawott.


Hope you all enjoyed this first part. Tell me what you think. Should I include more options to choose from, or just cut them all together?

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  1. Oswin's Avatar
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    • permalink
    Beautiful. 10/10, do more.

    I say keep as it is, it's like one of those adventure books and I liked them
  2. Winterdaze's Avatar
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    • permalink
    I really like the "choose your own adventure" format, so yeah I'd keep it. Mom is pretty wierd, but then again she did name you Turtle.


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