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Ill-Met by White: Part 4

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Episode 4
Cherenobyle Heart

Floccesy Town
Three Hours Later

"You've only been away from Floccesy Town for a short time," Alder says to you. "Yet I can tell you've become much more powerful."

You thank Alder for his kind words. Since the time you've been gone, you've captured new Pokemon, defeated your rival in battle, and rescued Herdier from Team Plaque. You even captured a couple of new Pokemon in between entries. Hopefully now you'll be ready for your first Gym Battle.

He invites you inside to help him with something. Despite warning bells going off in your head, you decide to follow him. I mean, Alder is a little weird, jumping off cliffs and smelling like wet Bouffalant. But he does seem to genuinely care for you, and he hasn't steered you wrong ye-

Alder: "By the way I want you to battle these two kids."

You return to Aspertia, ready for action. With two more victories under your belt and a full team of Pokemon, your confidence has never been higher. So you stop off at home and and pay your mom a visit.

After that, you decide to pay your old school a visit. That way, you can brag to the other kids how you're strong enough to take on a Gym Leader. Maybe even defeat one! "What's this?" you say out loud, planning your responses to your former classmates. "Oh, that's Cock Weed, my starter! Yeah, I'm a very skilled Trainer now. In fact, I'm ready to take on the Gym!"

"Really now?"

You jump up in surprise, and turn to see a well-dressed man with a hairboner. He introduces himself as Cheren, and tells you that he's the Gym Leader of Aspertia City. He's new in town, but he's always willing to battle Trainers. He'll even go easy on you, since you're brand new.

While he is poorly-drawn, you admire how comparatively better he looks compared to Damian's design.

He takes you to the school playground, where he stands atop a platform, giving him a good look over the two battlefields drawn over the ground in chalk. You remember the platform; during recess, you and Damian would sit there and watch the other kids play.

Cheren: "Welcome to the Aspertia Gym! I am Cheren, and I specialize in Normal type Pokemon. And who might you be?"
Turtle: "I am Turtle, and I specialize in being a good mom."

Aelita is your favorite baby.

Cheren congratulates you on...whatever that is, and says that you will be his first battle as a Gym Leader. So he hopes to test your skills, much like Cilan tested his when he was young.





Aelita ate the Oran Berry, ripping it apart with her fangs and draining it of its juices Her health was restored a bit!

You think about your third and final choice. Chipsqueak doesn't have the defenses to endure Lillipup's attacks. Your own Mutt might work, but he's not as powerful as this one. Perhaps you can use your secret weapon? No, it's too risky for that.




Riley fainted. You lost your first Gym Battle.

"You did great," Cheren tells you. "If I didn't know any better, I'd say this wasn't your first Gym. I'm very proud to have battled you."


"Would you like to try again later?"

Would things have been different if you went with Mutt? Or are you just a loser?

You studied under Alder. You trained and worked so hard, but you still lost.

You don't feel to well. You excuse yourself and walk home.

The End!
You lost, girl. This is the end of your journey.

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    Damn, that's going to be a major blow to her confidence.


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