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Ill-Met by White: Part 3

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Episode 3
Floccesy Frustrations

After receiving two Town Maps and a pair of Running Shoes, you're ready to start your journey.

One you reach Route 19, just out of town, Bianca offers to show you how to catch a Pokemon.




Bianca thanks you for your time and leaves. Now that you're free to do as you please, you wish to capture a Pokemon. But wait, Turtle! You want your first Pokemon to be a memorable one. Something cute, something memorable. And you have an idea of what Pokemon you would like.

After a short time searching, you find a cute l'il chipmunk in the grass. You remember how Bianca showed you how to catch Pokemon, and have Cock Weed weaken it in battle before you catch it.

Chipsqueak the Patrat
Level 2
Gender: Male
Sassy nature
Often dozes off

You're really proud of yourself now. You just took a huge step toward becoming a Pokemon Master. AND you're helping Juniper fill in her Pokedex!

As you walk along this lonely route, you here a scream from above.

"You there! Trainer!"

The man drags on the ground as he lands. By the time he reaches terra firma, he has eaten a face full of dirt. You also notice you can see up his poncho, though, you wish you couldn't.

The strange man gets up, and introduces himself as Alder.

Alder: I'm a Trainer with a keen interest in the world. One of my goals is to tell people about how wonderful it is to walk towards the future together with Pokémon.

You introduce yourself as Turtle. You choose not to tell this stranger where you live, but he correctly guesses that you're from Aspertia City, since he saw you leave town. Alder puts his large hand on your shoulder and begins to break things down in a way you can understand.

Alder: Your Oshawott is a fine-looking Pokémon! But you're not exactly a seasoned Trainer yet... Indeed! I'll train you a little! Follow me!

First, you ask him to take his hand off of your shoulder. You're not comfortable being touched. That being said, you're a newbie. So you decide to follow him, because you need all the help you can get.

He brings you to his house in Floccesy Town, the neighboring village. The town itself is a rather enjoyable land, lost to the past. With its old clock tower, cobbled streets and simple outlook, you are reminded of the Pokengland Region, in Pokeurope. You sort of wish you could explore the town, but you feel that it's your duty as a Trainer to go with Alder and learn as much as you can.

Once there, however, you stop him at the front gates. You just remembered that you needed to give your friend Damian your extra Town Map. Perhaps you would know where he went, sir?

Alder tells you that he last saw a boy with a Snivy pass through, on his way to train at Floccesy Ranch.

Turtle: Aww, man. That could be anyone!

But you decide to go to Floccesy Ranch; your uncle and aunt owned the farm, and it'd be nice to visit them. And maybe you could score some free Pokemon off of them, by milking the "newbie Trainer" angle like you did with Alder.

You pass through Route 20 on your way to the Ranch. You happen to battle a Sewaddle and catch it, thanks to Cock Weed's Tackle.

Aelita the Sewaddle
Level 2
Gender: Female
Bold nature
Good perseverance

It's only your first day as a Trainer, and you already have three Pokemon. Things are looking up for you!

Eventually, you reach the gates of Floccesy Ranch. But as you enter, you hear a familiar sound... Damian hops over the fence and approaches you.

"Hey, Turtle. How about you show me how your training's coming along? Come at me!"

It's time to battle Damian! But which Pokemon is in your front slot?




Hugh: Wow, you've really improved! Can't say I'm exactly happy that you beat me, but it's good to know that you can back me up.

That's when you hear a door slide open, and your aunt and uncle step out, followed by their larger-than-normal Herdier. Due to all three of them being generic NPCs, you don't feel like drawing them out unless you need to.

Turtle: Hi Uncle Doyle, Aunt Hemer.
Hemer: Aww, Turtle! I am looking at you! Your mother has informed us that you have begun the started of journeys to become Pokemon. Let me make the heal for Pokemon you, yes?

Bless Aunt Hemer. You don't even know what country she's from, but she's always a sweetie. But at least you can understand Doyle better.

Doyle: Kas olete näinud teiste Herdier? Hän näyttää ovat saaneet meiltä pois.

You tell him you haven't seen his missing Herdier. When you say this, Damian looks up and gives everyone dirty looks. Doyle just gives you guys an "Oh well" look at offers to make you guys come coffee. You say no thanks, growing trainers need to eat healthy.

Damian: Hey! What about Herdier?! It could be halfway to Nimbasa by now! For all you know, someone's kidnapping it right now!
Turtle: Come off it, Damian. This is an enclosed area. There's no way Herdier can get over the fences unless it can Fly...

Wait. You remember something from the last time you visited here, two years ago. Remembering a certain spot on the ranch, you run through the farm, passing many Mareep and your cousin. Finally, you come across the hole.

Naturally, your relatives were too lazy to patch it up.

You call Damian over to come investigate with you. As you investigate the little grotto with him, you hear a loud bark.

Damian: Turtle, you should go investigate...My Pokemon is still tired from the match, so I'm going to unleash a cry for help and ask your aunt and uncle to come over.

Yeah, whatever. So naturally, you're alone. And as you venture deeper into the dark forest out back, the barking gets louder...and louder...and louder until you see Slenderman with Herdier.

"Yo, I'm Team Plasma and shit."

You fall on your ass and gasp. You scream at the man, asking him kindly to give back that Herdier, please.

Slenderman: Yo, I'm from Team Plasma! You know, the Team who nearly succeeded in taking over the Region two years ago? You probably heard of us.



>Who the hell are you?

You hear a voice calling for you. Damian approaches, with your uncle and the other Herdier in tow. The Plasman decides to istract you from his escape, by throwing something at your face.

You have TM21 (Frustration) bashed against your face!

Your uncle happily glomps the Herdier you rescued. You're a hero, Turtle! And you helped too, Damian. I guess. But only Turtle's getting a gift, because he's not running a charity over here.

While your uncle walks home with both Herdier, Damian pulls you aside and asks what happened. You wish you could lie and say that Herdier ran off on his own (because you didn't want to let Damian know he was actually right), but you tell him about the person from Team Plasma.

Damian: I knew it! And you didn't believe me! Who's the jerk now, Turty? I was right!


Damian: Ahem! Anyway, I'm glad you managed to keep your cool today. But next time, watch out for Team Plasma. They're incredibly dangerous.
Turtle: Somehow I doubt that. The dude was lost in a forest. From what it looks like, Team Plasma's just a joke.

Damian's face turns bright red, and he starts stumbling over his words. You try to comfort him, saying that everything worked out. And in the end, you had a lot of fun today. You learned a whole lot, and caught new friends.

But Damian just runs away, stammering and letting out the occasional swear. Geez, what's his problem?

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  1. Sunburn's Avatar
    The Bianca picture nearly killed me :D I'm really liking this so far, although it's still a bit jarring reading about Oshawott, thanks to his regal and elegant name :P great job on this, each entry is really enjoyable to read :)
  2. Meyneth's Avatar
    That Alder one is great!
  3. Zero-Suit Lugion's Avatar
    I lost at the Team Plasma one.
  4. RaccoonGoon's Avatar
    >Team Placenta
  5. Pariah's Avatar
    I'm digging that sewaddle
  6. Baron Dante's Avatar
    What is this people talking finnish terribly wrong now?
  7. Setra's Avatar
  8. Karamazov's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Baron Dante
    What is this people talking finnish terribly wrong now?
    It's made mix of the Estonian something with the Finnish.
  9. Baron Dante's Avatar
    I know that. But the finnish portion looks like it was directly googel translated. :P
  10. Karamazov's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Baron Dante
    I know that. But the finnish portion looks like it was directly googel translated. :P
    Oh, for that part I just got a friend to translate for me, then I organized the sentence to look ~prettier~
  11. Owain's Avatar
    Pokengland in Pokeurope



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