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I Dream of Kodomo ne

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I had a dream last night where I was watching the dub. Ash's regular voice actress was unavailable, so he was sharing one with Iris. They must have thrown in a "You're such a kid" line as a small reference to that.

The next episode (I think this one took place before the Clubsplosion or during the first episode of it) had both Ash and Cilan voiced by Iris. Cilan cracked an "it's kidding time!" before scolding Ash on his strategy. Ash retorted that Cilan was trying too hard to be an adult, though, I remembered that Ash's line in the original Japanese was about Swadloon's temperament preventing it from a battle, and to go with Scraggy.

Later in the episode, commentator Freddie O'Martin was now also voiced by Iris, giving a fake, deep voice. Every time a Pokemon got hurt, he would declare that the Pokemon's Trainer was a little kid for not dodging like a sane person. Don George would at first give a normal response in his own voice; but after his third line, he would speak in iris's regular voice.

Bianca was also voiced by Iris, and she called her Emboar (Now called Irisboar) by throwing the PokeBall and saying "You're such a kid, Irisboar!" She battled against Trip, who now had Cilan's voice. He stated that because he'll beat Cilan in a later episode, he took his voice as a prize. But he had to defeat Iris, or else he'll have her voice, too.

As the match wore on, the audience screeched "You're such a kid!" I think pretty much everyone except Trip had Iris's voice. Just as he was about to lose, Trip switched his Conkeldurr for a Serperior, who was also voiced by Iris. Ash scanned it in his PokeDex, which called the Pokemon Serperiris.

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  1. Sweet Veil's Avatar
    Your dreams sound fun.
  2. HumanDawn's Avatar
    what a nightmare
  3. Trainer Gabriel's Avatar
    I've heard "You're such a kid!" in a dream too, early in the year. I talked about this in my first blog.
  4. Lugion's Avatar
    I totally lost it at "You're such a kid, Irisboar!"

    This better than the Nic Cage as Everyone meme.
  5. 33Whimsicott33's Avatar
    "kodomo ne" never really bothered me much since it just seemed to be a running gag. This is horrifying though.
  6. The Power of Pika's Avatar
    Lol. This is funny.
    Reminds me of a dream I had a while ago to do with the anime. It wasn't as weird as yours at first since it was was actually a good episode at first. Then nando came on speaking like vegeta (voice and all).

    That's what happens when one watches too much sinnoh and DBZ kai at the same time.XD

    Yours sounds really funny. Iris everything.XD
  7. Karisse's Avatar
    Iris, Iris everywhere!
  8. Dragonfyre's Avatar
    Reminds me of a zombie apocalypse...except instead zombification, you have Iris' voice that's spreading from person to person. Irisocalypse?
  9. JennaJayfeather's Avatar
    Holy crap. XD It's Iris Time...apparently. XD

    I'm trying to thinkk of what my latest Poke-dream was...OOOH

    I remember, I was watching the league and Iris cut her hair. Dento did something can't remember what...Bianca was holding the scissors...XD
  10. ninfiaVI's Avatar
    This is amazing and terrifying all at once. I would have loved to hear how everyone's voice sounded-especially Don George, or Freddy calling all the losers little kids.

    "He stated that because he'll beat Cilan in a later episode, he took his voice as a prize."
    I wish I had dreams like this. The reason it's so funny is that it almost makes sense.


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