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Going Platinum: Part 9

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by , 25th December 2011 at 03:20 PM (203 Views)
Finally, I reached Eterna City! It was a nice time to relax and-

Skankle bumped into me.

"Hey, Tiger!" he said. "Long time no see!"
"Swear to Arceus, Skankle," I said. "If you're here to battle me, I will strangle you to death right where you stand."
"Let's go see the statue!"
"What statue!"

Skankle and I walked outside of Eterna. We reached a beautiful staue that looked like a lazy sprite fusion.

"Behold!" Skankle cried. "This beautiful piece of history and artwork! Just imagine the stories it would tell us! What does it symbolise? Who created it? How long has it been here?"
"Is that a fakemon?" I asked.

A blue-haired man pushed passed us. I swear I saw him before. That Team Gagalactic logo on his shirt look familiar...Who wore a Team Gagalactic uniform with the logo?

Also, I found tha Draco Plate behind the statue, by the way. It was just...laying there, so I took it.

"Hello, young trainer."

"OH CRAPI'LLRETURNTHEPLATEISWEAR!" I gasped. Having a beautiful older woman sneak up on me kind of caught me off-guard.
"Oh, that device you have... It is a Pokédex?"
"It's in my pocket," I said. "How can you even be seeing it?"
"Wow, it brings back some memories. Pardon me, but what's your name?"
"Rather not give my name out to a stranger. Sorry."
"... OK, hello, Frenchie"
"... I'll be sure to remember that name! My name is Cynthia. I'm a Trainer just like you. I've been studying Pokémon mythology lately, just out of curiosity. Here in Eterna City, there is a statue of an ancient Pokémon. Have you seen it already? According to myth, it was an extremely powerful Pokémon. Who knows? You may encounter something like it while you're traveling with your Pokédex. Oh, I know! Try using this. It should be helpful."

She gave me a a razor blade with TM01 written on the side.

"Remember, the hidden move Cut can be used in the field. It will let you go places that were previously inaccessible to you. That's important for filling up your Pokédex, right? Then luck be with you, young Trainer! Oh, there's one last thing! Please give my regards to Prof. Rowan."

And with that, she left.

She knew Prof. Rowan? That poor woman...

I headed to the Pokemon Center, where I healed my Pokemon and decided to collect my bearings.

I was in Eterna City. I wanted to get to Hearthome City to rent an apartment. Unfortunately, Mt. Coronet divided the region, meaning I had to go past it to get there. The plan was to cross to Celestic Town, then make my way down the region.

A boulder blocked my path.

Maybe I could take the other exit out of Eterna, then make my way down? Yeah, from the looks of the map, it was the better route.

"Excuse me," an androgynous gate guard told me. "You can't cross here. Cycling Road is for cyclists only."

Now I wish I learned how to ride a bike.

Well, I decided to get a bike from the bike shop. I wouldn't know how to ride it, but at least I could probably fake it long enough to get through cycling road.

"Sorry," a little boy in the bike shop said, "the owner is trapped in the Gagalactic building up the hill right now. He's the only one who knows how to work the cash register."

So I made it to the Eterna Building. I taught my HMSlave, Ak the Bidoof Cut.

This move can't be used until a new badge is obtained!

... Well, off to Eterna City's Gym, I suppose. I reached the building, where I was greeted by a young woman with a poncho.

I like ponchos. Maybe I'll like her.

"Hi! I'm Gardenia! I'm this town's Gym Leader! My last challenger was this awfully speedy young guy," she said. "...Actually, his name was Skankle."
"I apologize on his behalf," I said. "I think his mother smoked, drank, and did crystal meth, when she was pregnant with him. And dropped him on the head. And left him in the dishwasher."
"He told me about you. He said that another challenger's on the way, so that made me antsy!"
"Lord knows I would do the same to him as a baby."
"At my Gym, no one gets to battle with the Gym Leader, me, until the end. The challenger has to beat all the other Gym Trainers first."
"It's just, MY ARCEUS! You know how everyone has that friend they don't like? Skankle is that friend. And he won't take the hint that I hate him."
"I'll be waiting for you in the back, Trainer. Don't disappoint me!"

Gardenia smiled at me and was about to head inside. I grabbed her arm and said, "Wait!"
"Oh?" She looked at me in confusion.
"I love your poncho."
"Thanks! It's all-natural."


I sent out Cosmo, hoping to impress her with my all-natural Pokemon.

"I love Grass types!" she squealed. "Isn't she adorable?!"
"Cosmo's a he," I said with a smile.
"I'm going to dress her up and give her a bow!"

She started strangling Cosmo with a hug.

...I should get me a poncho.

Gardenia <3
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