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Going Platinum: Part 8

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So I healed my Pokemon and headed towards the forest. On my way, I battled a few people. Most notable was my match with Hiker Daniel. I sent out Screamy to fight. Screamy started shrieking at the top of his lungs and scattering any items I gave him. Still, despite his disposition, he seemed happy.

A green-haired girl named Cheryl asked me to escort her through Eterna Forest. I thought, well sure, I'll be a good Samaritan and help this girl out. And boy, did I regret it soon enough.

Credit to Bulbapedia for the image

First of all, all wild Pokemon battles here will be double battles, so long as you're with Cheryl. You can't go in solo, and if you want to catch a Pokemon, you have to faint its partner. I don't think the game justifies why two Pokemon appear. So I'll assume it's mating season, and I'm running into inter-racial, inter-species gay couples.

Her Chansey's Egg Bomb constantly missed. Seriously, only twice did it actually land and hit an enemy. And when I wanted to catch a Buneary, she up and killed it! I kept trying to knock out Chansey, but it just kept healing itself.

"Hey, don't ignore Bug Pokemon!" a Bug Catcher told me. "That really bugs me!"
"Oh you!" said a Lass.

But Eterna Forest wasn't all bad. There were a lot of bug Pokemon. And when Lurleen learned Rollout, I knew my troubles with the Bug Catchers were all over.

Congradulations! Your Lurleen has evolved into Bibarel!

Fuck yes. Look at my mighty, giant beaver.

Not much to say about this place, really. Flash the Shinx lost every match he'd been in.

Credit to Bulbapedia again

This is the Moss Rock. If you level up an Eevee here, it'll evolve into a Leafeon.

"Look!" Cheryl said to me. "The Old Chateau!"

A dilapitaded mansion stood stoicly near the exit to Eterna Forest. The front yard was overgrown and strewn with miniature trees. The whole place had a cold and...electrifying quality to it. I could feel static in the air.

"Thanks for leading me out," Cheryl said to me. "I hope we see each other again!"
"Fuck you too," I muttered under my breath.

Oh wait, it's Friday! Time to catch my Drifloon.

Next time: A pointless chain of events!

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  1. Froakie's Avatar
    Yay! Now you have a Bibarel! Best pokemon ever.
    Yay, my drawing :3c
  2. Baron Dante's Avatar
    Why did not I know continued these you did? D:

    I clearly have so much to learn from you. *sob* Gagalactic. Just, how. :K


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