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Going Platinum: Part 10

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Whee, the last part. I forgot to publish it. Enjoy the last part of a playthrough that died almost a year ago.

I really liked Gardenia. She wore ponchos, liked burritos, loved Cosmo, and couldn't stand Skankle's enthusiam. For once, I was really looking forward to our battle.

The Eterna City Gym has changed since Diamond and Pearl. In Platinum, most of the Gym is occupied by this giant flower clock. By defeating traines in the Gym, the leaves/hands of the clock around, giving you more access to the Gym. The water fountains will also turn off, allowign you to go back to the Pokemon Center to heal. Basically, you just go around and defeat all the Trainers there. When you're done, the clock's hands will give you access to Gardenia.

Credit to Psypoke
When you've beaten Gardenia, the layout should look like this.

Oh yeah, Flash really failed int his Gym. I know, Grass resists Electric. But Flash was really the team's weak point. So I gave him a good, relaxing home with my mom and decided to look for another Electric type later. It'll be better for him this way.

I picked out my team: Tumbleweed, because he had a type advantage; Cosmo, because he's my starter and most loyal team member; Hindenfrau the Drifloon, because it was part Flying, and thus had an advantage. If Gardenia had more than three Pokemon, I hoped Tumbleweed would take them out. Two Water types and an HM Slave wouldn't be too good.


I got up on the leaf hand and approached Gardenia. To my surprise, I saw someone else with her.


"Roark!" I gasped, resisting the urge to add "you cockblock!"
"Hey, Frenchie," Roark said with a smirk. "It's been a while, hasn't it?"
"You know each other?" Gardenia asked.
"I beat him in a battle," I said proudly.
"He sure did," Roark said. "That day I felt down, so I rode my bike to Eterna and visited my old friend, Gardenia."
"Next thing we know, we're dating!" Gardenia said happily. "So Tiger, ready for your battle?"

"Let me show you my Grassistants."



"It's not the end yet."


"Come on, we've almost won, Tumbleweed," I said.
"You say something?" Gardenia asked me. "It's not over just yet.

Tumbleweed grew to Lv. 22!

"Amazing!" Gardenia said. "You're very good, aren't you?"
"Thanks," I said.
"I might've said it before, but you're really tough!"
"Yeah, you already said something...like that."
"Wasn't it hard for you to raise your Pokemon to be so good?"
"Not really. I ust had them fight other Pokemon, and they ust grew stronger."
"I guess that's a measure of how much you love your Pokemon."

I couldn't tell if she was being nice or insulting. But I gave Tumbleweed a congradulatory hug anyway. He was amazing, I was so proud.

"In recognition of that, I proudly grant you this!"

I got the Forest Badge! And TM86 (Grass Knot.)

"This isn't over!" Roark said to me. "My dad will stop your journey dead in its tracks!"
"Roark!" Gardenia scoffed.
"No! Frenchie, consider this your first warning: turn back now before your Pokemon get seriously hurt."
"I was actually just gonna stop anyway," I said. "I just needed the Badge to use Cut."
"So I stopped you! Revenge is mine!"

So now I had the Badge. Now I had to go to the Center to heal Tumbleweed, cut the trees in front of the Team Gagalactic buiding, rescue the bike store owner, get a bike, ride down Cycling Road, go through Mt Coronet, head to Hearthome City, and get an apartment.

Oh wait, there's that abandoned mansion in Eterna. I just need to Cut the trees and get there. Heh, free house.

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