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Fool's Gold: Part 5

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I spent the night waiting for Falkner.
When morning rolled around and he hadn't announced his love for me, I ran inside.
"Falker isn't accepting challenges right now," the man said. "Why don't you train in Sprout Tower until he's ready?"

That's it! He must be preparing for our date, and wanted some time. Or maybe he was waiting for me in Sprout Tower...!

I tore through Sprout Tower eagerly. Dr. Lydia Hoot didn't do so well as he got higher up the tower. (I learned that she's afraid of heights!) Luckily, Capone learned Ember, so we just set everything on fire. :3c

"You should treat your Pokemon with more respect," the elder said.
"Screw you, Imma do what I want," Ginger replied.
"Hi, Ginger!" I said.
"...You. Because of you, the police are calling me Ginger! If you weren't so pathetic, I'd battle you right now."
He then pulled out a rope, twirled around, and vanished.

I walked up to the elder and said, "Where's Falkner?"
"The Gym Leader?" he asked. "Pardon?"
"Where is he? Surely he's here, waiting for me?!"
"No, I'm sorry...But if you want to battle, I still have 3 Pokemon ready0"
"Sure! I gotta kill some time while Falkner prepares for our date! ★"

Lindy vs Elder Li

Cyndaquil vs Bellsprout

"Very good, you two!" the elder said.

Cyndaquil vs Hoothoot

Capone grew to Lv. 13! He forgot Tackle and learned Quick Attack!

"Yes, burn, my pet!" I cackled. "Let the world feed your flames!"

Cyndaquil vs Bellsprout

"Ah, excellent!" the elder said. "The way you battle is quite elegant. You should be able to stand up to Falker."
"I would never stand him up!" I cried.
"Maybe you can make use of this TM - It is a Technical Machine called Flash."
"You...want to flash me?!"
I thre my Vs. Recorder at his face and ran out of Sprout Tower as fast as I could.

I entered Falkner's Gym, hoping Falkner was ready.
"Falkner's busy battling someone right now," the man from earlier told me. "Please wait a bit longer-"
"HE'S WITH SOMEONE ELSE?!" I screeched.

I went up to the platform. Several birdkeepers challanged me to a battle, but I was in a rush. So I hit them with Dr. Hoot.

I saw Falkner. A girl had just won a Badge from him.
"WHO IS THIS?" I screeched.
The two looked at me in confusion.
"I'm sorry, but... Do I know you?"
"We were meant to be! Love at first sight!"
"Sorry to brake it to you, but I don't feel about you the way you, uh, feel about me."
"Can I go now?" the girl asked.

"You're on!"

Time to meet the Falkners!

Hoothoot vs Pidgey

Cyndaquil vs Pidgey

Cyndaquil vs Pidgeotto

"We can still fly!" Falkner said.
Both our Pokemon seemed equally matched.

Capone grew to Lv. 14!

What? Cyndaquil is evolving!

OMA, Quilava is so cuuuute! :3c



Falkner gave my the Zephyr Badge, some cash, and TM 51(Roost) for winning.
"Meanie!" I snapped.
"What?" Falkner cried out. "For pity's sake! You ran into my Gym and screamed at me. You hurt my dad's cherished bird Pokemon, and I gave you winnings! And yet you insult me?"
"How dare you cheat on me?!"
"I never met you before in my life."
"Well...I guess I can forgive you, since you didn't know we were dating.♥"

He had security kick me out of the Gym. I thought of setting his Gym on fire, but I decided that he wasn't worth the trouble.

You know, I heard Azalea is nice.

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Updated 10th April 2011 at 01:41 PM by Karamazov (L)

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  1. Ranger Jack Walker's Avatar
    He then pulled out a rope, twirled around, and vanished.
    NO Ginger must remain a girl. Don't change her gender!
  2. Karamazov's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Hierarch Artanis
    NO Ginger must remain a girl. Don't change her gender!
    I have no idea what Ginger's gender is, to be honest. Lindy claims to know it, but but I don't.
    Updated 10th April 2011 at 02:23 PM by Karamazov
  3. Kars's Avatar
    she crazeh bro
  4. GoldeenTail's Avatar
    Ginder is transgender, duh.
  5. Buzz's Avatar
    Yeah! She got mace~


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