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Fool's Gold: Part 14

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I was surprised by how little I used Capone in battling the Gym trainers. I pretty much relied on Falkner Jr. and Capone to do my dirtywork.

But I decided to train for a bit, and I heard about a tournament in Olivine.

While I was heading there, I caught a Miltank and named her Loretta. She has terrible Sp. Atk, but I taught her Surf and Blizzard.

I met a man named Baoba. He told me about a Safari Zone, then forced me to give him my number or else he wouldn't leave.

I healed this Miltank at Moo Moo Farm and got free swag: some stickers and a case to put them in. It was so kawaii. One thing I didn't like, however, was when Loretta used Milk Drink on the other Miltank. WTF right there. 0-o

I reached Olivine City, and I was greeted by Ginger as she left the Gym.
"Gym Leader's off taking care of a sick Pokemon," she explained to me. "She won't do her damn job!"
"That's not very nice," I said.
"Boo-hoo, a Pokemon is sick. Just let it go."
I got so pissed off that I punched her in the girl-crotch.

"Fuck off, you gruddy little skank!" I screamed.
I left her there, writhing on the floor in pain.

I went to the Pokemon Center and they directed me to the Olivine Lighthouse (sometimes called the Glitter Lighthouse! But no one but tourists actually calls it that.)

Alright, my first appointment in the Olivine tourney was some old guy with big birds. D: And after that, a rowdy sailor.

And that was just the first floor!

The second floor had Falkner Jr. and Honey fight a man and his birds. (What's with men and birds? Seriously.)

After a call from Joey, I headed to the third floor. Loretta fought a man and his Growlithe. She beat up both Growlithe.

Our final opponent on the floor was a girl and her Marill. I was too busy battling with Luft to keep an eye on Falkner.

Luft put Marill to sleep with Sleep Powder. A few Bullet Seeds woke it up, though...Damn, Bullet Seed would be a million times more useful if it didn't crap out and hit 2-3 times instead of the 2-5 it's supposed to...Where's Falkner?

Anyway, that was the tournament's "main part." I got TM 87 (Swaggar) as a prize, and I had the choice of moving up the lighthouse and battling stronger Trainers. But I declined, seeing as I had to find my baby.

And I saw Falkner Jr., dangling from a window.
"Falkner, come here, sweetie!" I called out, trying to grab him.
I looked at me in shock.
"Baby, it's dangerous...!"
I myself out and tried to catch him. He jumped on to the ledge.
"Come here, baby!" I said. "Don't worry, Mommy'll save you."
Togepi looked down below and back to my outstretched hand.
"Either you let me save you, or you fall and die."
He backed away nervously, then started to cry.
"Come on, baby, let me protect you."
He started walking closer to me.
"You're going to catch a cold here! When we get to the Center, I'll feed you, bathe you, and never let you out of my sight. No, never, never, never!"
Falkner Jr. stopped crying and jumped off the ledge.
"NO!" I screamed. "NOOOOOO!"

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  1. Kars's Avatar
    is the egg gonna evolve?
  2. Karamazov's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by vergil
    is the egg gonna evolve?
    Yes. I was actually just going to have him being saved by a Spearow, or end up dying. But then he evolved in-game, so that part was rewritten.
  3. Kars's Avatar
    ahhh i gotcha

    she crazeh
  4. The Puppetmaster's Avatar
    ...You ran into May?

    I got so pissed off that I punched her in the girl-crotch.
    Lindy x Ginger just got a whole lot steamier. Second base right there. ;)
  5. Karamazov's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by vergil
    she crazeh
    Wait for the next chapter (tomorrow at 3:15 PM), where she shows Morty how crazy she is.
  6. Buzz's Avatar
    Haha Ginger deserved to get hit.
  7. Winterdaze's Avatar
    Aaaagh! Lindy's got cooties D:
  8. Karamazov's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Rival Trip
    Aaaagh! Lindy's got cooties D:
    Wait for the next part. Cooties. Cooties everywhere!


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