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Fool's Gold: Part 13

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"Okay," I said to my team. "How 'bout this: We perform a cabaret show? We'll have feather boas and everything!"
My Pokemon looked at me in displeasure.
"Don't dream it, be it! ...No?"
Capone gave the most 'super srs' frown ever.
"You guys have no taste in the classics."

A boy jumped out of a bush and challanged me to a battle: he sent out an Abra.

Okay, so after that, we found Sudowoodo. How? Well, Capone took a leak on what appeared to be a regular tree. And it attacked!

Hoppip vs SEIZURE TREE! And look, it's female. :3

Quilava vs Sudowoodo

"Damn," I said, dejected. "Oh well, it looked like a rotten hot dog anyway..."

BLAH BLAH BLAH, STUFF. Finally, we made it to Ekruteak City. I'll just pass out at the Pokemon Center for a little while.

On the way, Luft...evolved?


Immediately afterward, the picknicker with the Hoppip called me. 0_o

I went to the Pokemon Center in Ekruteak. Vengeance was really hurt after a recent fight.
I met a man named Bill. He was stupid, talked about how he planned to go to Anthrocon (I have no idea what that is, so it must be not kawaii, and therefore also stupid), and I hated him. But he promised to give me an Eevee if I ever visited him in his mother's basement.

Okay, so after that, I healed my Pokemon and decided to see the sights. I thought the Dance Theatre seemed nice, but then I remembered how I had to dance in those pageants. Off to explore that burned tower over there!

Once I entered the tower, a strange fool of a man ran up and started talking to me. (Okay, what is up with trange older men doing that? Seriously.) He told me that he was looking for Suicune because I dunno, probably because he was kawaii fabulous for it. He asked me to help look for it, but I saw something red and ran towards it.

I found Ginger!

"You!" she cried out. "You made my life a living hell!"
"Sorry about that," I said. "But if you didn't want the police looking for you, maybe you shouldn't have stolen a Pokemon, huh? Meanie."
"You bitch! Now the police are looking for 'a young girl with red hair and loose morals.'"
"They...still think I'm a girl."
"Let's play dress-up and become like Sailor Moon!"
"One day I will catch the legendaries here and hurt you!"


Venonat vs Gastly

*soft resets*

Venonat vs Gastly

*soft resets*

Venonat vs Gastly

"Confuse hax!" Ginger cackled.
"You're a bad girl," I said. "And bad girls get spankings!"

Quilava vs Gastly

Capone grew to Lv. 28!

Yeah, I use him a lot.

Flaaffy vs Croconaw

"You go, girl!" I cried, giving her a high-five. Kind of. Well, high touch.

Honey grew to Lv. 22!

Togepi vs Zubat

"How...dare you faint him?" I screeched.
I lunged at Silver, but Zubat guarded him. I sent Capone out to burn it while I shoved Ginger's head through a wall. I then kicked her out of the tower; she fell down the stairs and landed on her rear.
Just as I was walking through the tower, I fell in this hole.

But honestly, how was I supposed to notice it?

I was met by these things.
The blue one ran up to me and ran away. Its breath smelled like fish.
And then Eusine ran up to me and started going, "Did you see it yet? SUICUNE raced by like a blur, right in front of my eyes!"
"What the hell is it?" I asked. "It had ribbons."
"It's a legendary and blah blah blah blah blah blah blah..."

Did you know that you could use Dig to escape the tower. Take Arceus-damned advantage of it. Bye, Eusine!

Now what? Well, I stopped by the Dance Theatre, since I wanted to explore a little more, but I didn't feel like doing extreneous movement.
"HEY HEY!" someone called out. "Dance the hula!"
"No," the kimono girl said.
"Hey, how much for a night, baby? I mean, that's what geishas do, right?"
"Leave her alone, you swine!" I declared.

"Oh yeah? And what are you gonna do about it?!"
Thanks for the pic, /vp/!

Vengeance destroyed his Koffing.
The man ran out sobbing. Some guy in a zoot suit came out of the audience and gave me HM 03 (Surf) for being a (kawaii) hero. :3

Yes. Our team was growing. It took a darn while, but we finally beat Brock. I just went through Mt. Moon.

I also caught a Clefairy. I named him Dr. Death. (No matter how cool a name he is, no matter how badass he is, his looks will always weigh him down.)

Ah, Cerulean in sight.

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  1. Kars's Avatar
    oh god
    he's red
  2. The Puppetmaster's Avatar
    Lindy x Ginger

  3. GoldeenTail's Avatar
    Why does lyra Lindy have Leaf's body?
  4. Karamazov's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by GoldeenTail
    Why does lyra Lindy have Leaf's body?
    The original template used Leaf's body. Lindy is slowly taking over.


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