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by , 8th January 2013 at 07:55 AM (1202 Views)
Yeah, just came back after an absence - my dad doesn't have internet tomorrow, and I came to my brother's to use his internet. But I gotta leave in like an hour, so I probably won't be back until tomorrow. I'm going to the pet store for a job interview thing. And my cat Patches is tsundere for everyone and everything.

And Fennekin is mine. But when the games come, I'll have the other two starters traded into my game, and rotate between them and about 14 other Pokemon.

Also, Calm yo tits, chillun. here y'all are, bitchin and bobbin when you should be rockin. Shame on y'all.

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  1. Shiny Celebi's Avatar
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    Fennekin is pretty awesome, my favorite too but I also like Froakie a lot. Chespin is kinda growing on me.
  2. Kouzan's Avatar
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    Fennekin is my favorite to and Chespin is really cute. Froake is alright looking.They remind me of the Sinnoh starters for some reason, so they'll grow on me.
  3. Oswin's Avatar
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    Have Fennekin, Chespin is the best anyway :I


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