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Favorites Bandwagon

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by , 3rd September 2012 at 04:18 PM (320 Views)
If you re-arranged 'bandwagons,' you would get 'on bad wangs.'

Color: Red or black. (2/3rds of my close are read or black, too)
State of matter: Um, Michigan.
Element: This one,, because its symbol is Ho
Planet: Uranus
Transformer: I'll choose Michelangel, the one with nunchucks.
Article of clothing: T-shirt
Mythological figure: Mothman!
Historical figure: Ash Ketchum's been around longer than any recorded history, so I choose him.
Number: 7. Or 2. 7 is a red color, 2 is a black one.
Letter: Z. Too bad it's at the back of the alphabet.
Song: I Touch Myself, by The Divinyls. (I dunno, I drew a blank and picked the first song I thought of.)
Season: Summer. I love the heat.
Month: July, because it's nice and warm then. And hey, no school!
Day of the week: Friday
Plant: Willow tree. I even remember the first time I saw a willow tree. I was six, and my mom took me to this graveyard to see my buried grandma.
Animal: Tigers
Continent: North America, yo
Invention: The wiener dog.
Fish: Shark
Mammal: Tigers
Language: German
Instrument: Piano
Body Part: Das bütt
Ranged weapon: Rifle. I have one of those.
Method of transportation: Cat :3
Food: Chocolate

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    I choose you, Ash Ketchum!
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