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ExtremeShit Genesext: Mewsue Awakens

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First off, did you know that you can have a maximum of 15 drafts on Bulba's blogs? I had to delete some to save the notes I made for this article.

Have you ever read My Immortal and laughed until your sides split? Did you crave for more after the abrupt ending? I know I did. But the Mary Sue fanfictions just don't cut it for me.

I want to make my own Mary Sue or Gary Stu. I know I can't ever hold a candle to Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Tara Raven Way, but writing out my ideas and seeing what's on the table might help me (hopefully, us) make a fantastically hilarious Sue.

That's why I'll be examining MI and Mary Sues in general and giving my opinion on things. I'll cover such topics as, what traits are common in Sues? How do you write one with subtlety? Is the concept of a Mary Sue sexist? Do Mary Sues even exist? All in the effort of understanding bad fanfiction characters better, and creating the perfect monstrocity.

I would like unleash this character unto the world. I'm hoping you'll guys would help. If anyone is interested, you can start by suggesting what show, books, movies or games this Sue will be involved with. Preferably not Pokemon, since I know the anime and games too well, and most of the manga aren't too well known. With the ideas and opinions I'll put in, I hope to hear what you guys think. Heck, if this goes well, maybe there will be a fanfiction for them to star in. Hopefully it'll be a round-robin dealie, to add in new ideas. And because writing a complex fic is hard and time-consuming.

Next time, I'll talk about My Immortal, and why most knock-offs and parodies are just not as good as the original. Understanding why this story is remembered and why others...aren't will show what might work in created a memorable and hilarious Mary Sue or Gary Stu.

tl;dr suggest fandoms for a fictional terribad character. I'm gonna steal your ideas to create Frankenstein.

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  1. Bad Apple's Avatar
    I GOT IT! A few months ago, I was browsing the Pokemon section on Fanfiction.net, and I found a certain fanfiction. It was a story with horribly written grammar about a shiny Umbreon who was abandoned and outcast because she was a shiny. So an idea you could use is to make them all emo and whiny about a trait they have that is normally wanted and liked by people.
  2. John Understands's Avatar
    Do something like the OC from the troll fanfiction One Less Lonely Gurl (a trollfic set in the Spongebob universe about C'ren Amethyst Le Heart-Bieber, a Mary Sue, and it's mostly about her and Justin Bieber), who can do everything and goes to a concert or something.

  3. UnovaCastaway's Avatar
    -There are a few hilariously awful Twilight troll fics, where the Mary Sue always gets Edward away from Bella. Twila, the gurl who waz in luv with a vampyre (the main character is Twila Beautiful Psycho Topaz and it's written horribly like My Immortal) and Forbiden Fruit: the Tempation of Edward Cullen (Atlantiana "Tiaa" Rebekah Loren is the Sue, she talks about how beautiful her hair or eyes are at random times even though she's beaten, raped, and subject to some other horrible things... But it's so horribly written, it can be hilarious at times)

    -My Inner Life, a cringe-worthy Zelda fic about someone named Jenna being able to lucid dream about a steamy, mushy marriage to Link where everyone else in Hyrule drops everything they're doing just for her. It's bad.
  4. Hurricane Kishore's Avatar
    This Movie actually support my believe about the current Anime stuff hating Takeshi Shudo since they completely written out the original Mewtwo Takeshi Shudo created !
    Anyway , I would love a simple Pokemon Movie about Ash saving a Beautiful spoiled princess and her kingdom from Evil in a Pokemon Style.
    Pokemon Writer really should try to use simplicity some time .
    I loved Digimon Tamer Movie 2 and wished to see a pokemon Movie like that .
    But Ash need to travel along for that and his rival have to be allowed in Movie .


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